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Middleton Farms Cider Mill

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger Theresa Walker – BeachBody Coach

Middleton Farms Cider Mill is a small family owned Cider Mill, and has been around since 1956.  Located at 46462 Dequindre Road in Utica Michigan.  They make their own cider on an old fashioned press, make fresh donuts daily along with various other kinds of pies and caramel/candied apples.

Middleton is a great Mill to take the family if you are looking for a basic mill to enjoy cider, donuts and pick out a pumpkin.  Which is exactly what we were looking for!  There were many pumpkins right near the door on the porch to choose from, each were marked.  We found a large pumpkin for $7 and a medium sized one for $4.  I just wish there was a register or person outdoors you could pay, we had to carry our heavy pumpkins inside to the register which was kind of awkward.


We decided to enjoy some donuts, they had choices ranging from plain, powdered sugar, apple cinnamon sugar and blueberry.  A half dozen was $3.50 or $5.75 for a dozen. Our favorites were the apple cinnamon sugar, they were soft and delicious, we each had a second! The plain were also very tasty.

We also got a gallon of cider, along with the kids each wanted a caramel or candied apple.  The cider was $2.75 for a quart, $3.75 for a half gallon and $6.50 for a gallon.  Prices were reasonable I felt; the cider was ok.  It didn’t have that strong cider taste that some farms create, but if you like a milder cider, closer to apple juice, you would enjoy Middleton’s cider.  They also had a lot of other various goodies,  bagged apples, pies, homemade candles, even fudge and taffy!


They also had some arts and crafty type items for sale as well including homemade bird feeders; the kids loved the painted pumpkins!  The decor inside the store was very much farm-house style and eclectic.


There is a space outdoors under a tent with picnic tables you can take your goodies to eat.  However, if the weather is poor, there is no real space
to sit and eat indoors.

The caramel apples ($2.50) were a big hit!  It was a nice day so we were able to enjoy them outdoors.  Luckily there were no bee’s out to bother us, which is a plus, since they often seem to hang out at cider mills.  There is no indoors bathroom either, but there is a port-a-potty outdoors that my son had to use of course.

There is a little pond behind a fence on the grounds with swans and ducks.  I saw they had some feed for sale if you wanted to feed them.

Overall the kids had fun and we were happy with our visit and goodies.  Before we left we had to of course get some pics in the fun fall-themed cut-outs.
Middleton is open daily September-November from 9-7pm.
Located at: 46462 Dequindre Road, Utica Michigan
Find them on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Middleton-Farms-Cider-Mill-143533349026604/