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Dream Scene Birthday Parties

Dream Scene Birthday Parties in Troy, Michigan offers over 30 birthday party themes. Each Dream Scene Birthday Party includes two hours for nail painting, accessorizing hair, games, theme activities, crafting, dancing, a special Birthday Girl celebration and time for presents & desserts. 

The Robot Garage in Rochester Hills

It’s back! The Robot Garage in Rochester Hills has re-opened in a new, airy, and awesome space. Tucked into an industrial area near a dance studio, the new location is 4000 square feet and offers plenty of parking and ample space for creative and educational play. It officially opened July 8 and the location in the Village of Rochester Hills Mall… 

Royale With Cheese – On the Wheels

If there’s anything that people (of all ages) enjoy more than food, is food trucks. Detroit’s food scene is getting more exciting every day. And along with interesting restaurants, there are new food trucks popping up all around town. Oh, Detroit I’m so happy for you. You got personality and food. A few days back I found out that Detroit’s… 

When the Toy Box is Full: Ideas for Alternative Birthday Party Gifts

Here it is just weeks after Christmas and at my house all but few of those “must have ” toys sit abandoned under beds, in toy boxes or just in the way. My boys have very short attention spans when it comes to toys and as they get older their interest is waning. Birthdays are fast approaching which means Aunts,…