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How Restricted Eating During the Holidays Can Backfire

So much of holiday celebrations revolve around family, friends and sharing time together, but they also revolve around food. From big family dinners and drinks with friends to office potlucks and neighborhood parties, food is the gathering point.  Holidays are often seen as the season of overindulgence. For people with health goals, managing health conditions or trying to maintain their… Read More »How Restricted Eating During the Holidays Can Backfire

Fall Herb-whipped Spread with Crudité

Spreads and dips aren’t typically known for their health benefits, but this recipe adds filling protein and calcium by whipping goat cheese with Greek yogurt. A low-temperature sauté of garlic in olive oil brings out its nutty, sweet flavors, while herbs of cool weather, like thyme and chives, add additional flavor. Ingredients 8 ounces goat cheese 1 cup Greek yogurt 1 Tbsp.… Read More »Fall Herb-whipped Spread with Crudité

It’s Probably Time to Clean Out Your Fridge

November 15 is National Clean Out Your Fridge Day – and while you should deep clean your fridge more than annually, this day is perfectly timed ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday when many families struggle to find refrigerator space to store side dishes and casseroles.  The refrigerator is one of the most essential household appliances, and often experiences its fair… Read More »It’s Probably Time to Clean Out Your Fridge

Is Gestational Diabetes Preventable?

Rates of gestational diabetes are increasing among women of all racial and ethnic subgroups in the U.S. Gestational diabetes is relatively common and affects 2% to 10% of pregnancies – but can be connected to short- and long-term risks for women and their babies. The good news is for most pregnant women gestational diabetes is transient and can be safely managed under the care… Read More »Is Gestational Diabetes Preventable?

How Pasta Substitutes Measure Up and How to Prepare Them

The National Pasta Association reports the average American consumes about 20 pounds of pasta each year. In recent years, consumers have been increasingly looking for low-carb alternatives to their favorite side dishes. Deciphering the marketing for these products can be challenging, making it difficult to choose the best option. For example, green colored spinach pasta does not necessarily translate to the nutrient value of… Read More »How Pasta Substitutes Measure Up and How to Prepare Them

Eight Great Reasons to Give the Gift of Swimming

It’s that time again where we are clamoring to get the BEST gifts for our family members as well as friends.  Therefore, grandparents, friends and family are always asking me “What should I get your children for Christmas?” There are so many great reasons why swimming lessons are the perfect gift idea for our family. Here are a few reasons why… Read More »Eight Great Reasons to Give the Gift of Swimming

Halloween Treats that Aren’t Scary to Make

Char-boo-terie, char-spook-erie…or scare-cuterie? A charcuterie board is a crowd-pleasing hostess offering, as it is customizable based on party size and offers a variety of options to please various taste buds. It also makes for a festive treat to bring to a Halloween get-together – because walking into a party empty-handed is frightening.  Whatever you decide to call it, here are… Read More »Halloween Treats that Aren’t Scary to Make

Three Cozy Fall Recipes Featuring Squash

Autumn has arrived. Leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping, and with the season comes a fall harvest full of hearty crops. Butternut, acorn and spaghetti squash are only a few on the list of fall squashes offering plenty of nutrients including vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants. A versatile crop, squashes make their way into savory soups, cozy drinks and spiced desserts.… Read More »Three Cozy Fall Recipes Featuring Squash