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Southeast Michigan Inclusive Playgrounds

southeast michigan inclusive playgrounds

Playgrounds are rather ubiquitous in southeast Michigan.  Every city has a few ranging from small neighborhood parks to sprawling community spaces.  New federal regulations require that new playgrounds be ADA compliant, meaning accessible, but not necessarily inclusive.  Accessible means that a person can move about freely with no barriers to movement, but inclusive play go beyond that, it INCLUDES every child in the activities. There are just a handful of Southeast Michigan inclusive Playgrounds.

Metro Detroit Inclusive Playgrounds

There are several key elements to inclusive playgrounds, but it can be boiled down to 8 key elements.
1. Provide a variety of sensory-rich experiences where children can use a range of their sensory systems.
2.  Identify the piece of equipment that is likely to be the most popular and ensure that it is accessible and usable for everyone.
3. Distinct barriers need to be present to define the play space.  Fences are imperative to prevent children from running (or eloping).
4. Provide opportunities for children to engage in social play.  And inclusive space encourages children to use their imagination and creativity through parallel and cooperative play experiences.
5. Ensure that all ages and abilities are challenged and engaged through multiple levels of play options.
6. Create zones of play that are welcoming to children of diverse abilities by having similar types of equipment located in proximity to one another.
7. Ensure travel routes are wide enough for wheelchair users to pass one another,  transfer onto equipment, and that activities are within reach.
8. Provide unitary surfacing so all users can navigate easily.

Boundless™ Playgrounds are those that have been certified based on equipment configuration, surfacing and site access.  Here are some great Southeast Michigan inclusive playgrounds.

Ann Arbor Inclusive Playgrounds

Boundless™ Playground at High Point School
1735 S. Wagner RoadAnn Arbor

Centennial Playground at Gallup Park Universal Access
3000 Fuller Rd, Ann Arbor

Commerce Township Inclusive Playgrounds

Scarlet’s Playground at Dodge Park in Commerce Township
180 Commerce Rd, Commerce Charter Twp, MI 48382

Scarlet’s Playground in Dodge Park in Commerce Township is one of the best playgrounds in Metro Detroit. The playgrounds is located within Dodge Park #5, a 106-acre park. The park features a playground, wooded paths, a water fountain, athletic fields, a pavilion as well as picnic tables and paved parking. The northern section of this park was once part of the State of Michigan parks donated by the Dodge family.

Detroit Inclusive Playgrounds

Dad Butler Playfield Boundless Playground™
2034 E. Eight Mile Road, Detroit

Delray Community Center Boundless™ Playground
420 S. Leigh Street, Detroit

Lake Orion Inclusive Playground

Let Them Play Playground at Friendship Park
2280 W. Clarkston Road, Lake Orion

Livonia Inclusive Playground

Rotary Park Universally Accessible
32300 Six Mile Road, Livonia

Northville Inclusive Playground

Cooke School
21200 Taft Road, Northville

Novi Inclusive Playground

Thornton Creek Elementary
46180 W 9 Mile Road, Novi

South Lyon Inclusive Playground

Hardy Elementary School
24650 Collingswood Road, South Lyon

Southfield Inclusive Playground

Children’s Play Farm at Inglenook Park Boundless™ Playground
20901 West 12 Mile Road, Southfield

Beech Woods Park Wheelchair Accessible Playground
22200 Beech Rd, Southfield, MI 48033

Waterford Inclusive Playgrounds

Paradise Penisula Playscape at Waterford Oaks County Park
1702 Scott Lake Road, Waterford

All Kids Playground at Hess Hathaway Farm Park
825 South Williams Lake Road, Waterford

Wayne Inclusive Playground

Play 4 All at Soroptimist Park
5100 Woodward Street, Wayne

West Bloomfield Inclusive Playground

Marshbank Park
28015 Hiller Road, West Bloomfield

Amber Louchart
Author: Amber Louchart

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