Play 4 All at Soroptimist Park in Wayne

Soroptimist Park
Address: Wayne, MI 48184

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Play 4 All at Soroptimist Park Location:

Play 4 All at Soroptimist Park, an inclusive playground in Wayne, Michigan is a colorful place for kids to have fun. From the small details to the large structures, this park will appeal to children of all ages and abilities. The one-acre park is located at 5100 Woodward Street, Wayne, on the corner of John Street.  The park is owned by the city of Wayne and run by the Wayne/Westland Parks and Recreation.

Play 4 All at Soroptimist Park

Play 4 All at Soroptimist Park features a large play structure with plenty of space for children to climb, slide, play, and pretend.

Play 4 All at Soroptimist Park large structure
This park is a Boundless™ Playground, which means it has been certified based on equipment configuration, surfacing and site access to meet the standards for inclusion.  Here are some other great Southeast Michigan inclusive playgrounds.

Boundless Playground

Play 4 All at Soroptimist Park also has a smaller toddler play area.  The surfaces of the playgrounds are covered with poured rubber, providing a softer landing area for the children.

toddler play area

In addition to the play structures, children can enjoy traditional swings and an ADA swing.  There is also a sway fun, which includes children who have difficulty transferring in on the swing fun.


Finally, the park offers picnic tables, bench seating and shade.  The website says that grills are available on-site, however, we did not see any during our trip.

  picnic tables  Play 4 All at Soroptimist Park Play 4 All Soroptimist Park in Wayne  Sway Fun Play 4 All at Soroptimist Park

Park Overview:

Play Elements: traditional play structures
Swings: yes, traditional and ADA
Surface: spongey material
Unique Features: fish theme
Bathrooms: no
Shade: yes
Pavilion: no
Picnic Tables: yes
Grills: no
Sports Fields: no
Walking Trails: no
Parking: some
Tot Play Structure.  yes
Fenced in: yes

Here are some other great Southeast Michigan inclusive playgrounds.  Alternatively, you can visit one of the playgrounds listed in our Ten Favorite Parks in Metro Detroit. Finally, be sure to check out some of the other great places we have visited in Wayne County.

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