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Friendship Park in Lake Orion Visitor’s Guide and Photos

If you’re looking for an expansive park that offers a little bit of everything…look no further than Friendship Park in Orion, Michigan. Friendship Park is located at the intersection of Baldwin and Clarkston Road, the entrance is off of Clarkston Road.

Their Facebook page says the park is open 8 am until 8 pm (dawn until dusk). The park boasts more than 130 acres of land with several activities and amenities. Friendship Park offers 4 baseball fields, 8 soccer fields, a park building with restrooms, a kitchen, a multi-purpose room. The park also has a wedding gazebo, trails, and a community garden. But what surprised Metro Detroit Mommy the most when visiting Friendship Park is the ADA accessible playground and the wheelchair-accessible playground. It’s one of many Universally Accessible playgrounds in Southeast Michigan. One of the play structures challenges even the most daring child with three tiers to explore. 

Friendship Park in Lake Orion

According to Friendship Park’s website, the park’s building houses summer camps, preschool classes, yoga, tai chi, and safety classes, along with private rentals.

Friendship Park in Lake Orion

Play Elements: ADA Accessible Playground called Dragon’s Den & a fully wheelchair accessible playground.
Swings: 4 standard swings, three baby bucket swings, a tire swing, two wheelchair swings,  and 1 ada swing as well as other gliding equipment.
Surface: Let Them Play rubberized surface, Dragon’s Den has wood chips
Unique Features: Historic Howarth School House and Porritt Barn, Fishing Pond (catch and release)
Bathrooms: yes, including a family restroom
Shade: yes
Pavilion: yes, with a fireplace, also wedding gazebo/shelter (150-200 people), has restrooms (indoor and outdoor access), indoor multi-purpose meeting room, small kitchen (45 people at tables or 75 seats) and covered outdoor portions (75 people at tables)
Picnic Tables: yes (40 people at tables) with fireplace
Sports Fields: 4 Baseball Fields (2 lit fields), 8 Soccer Fields
Walking Trails: Limestone surface park trails
Parking: Satellite Parking lot near the structures

Friendship Park in Lake Orion

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