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What Are the Best Foam Party Companies Near Me?

foam party near me

Foam party. I’d never heard this before, but it reminded me of when my children were small and we stumbled upon…a foam party? Well, not exactly.

children of all ages at a foam party
Children of all ages enjoying a foam party. Photo by Timur M on Unsplash

My daughters and I visited Florida years ago. My oldest daughter’s paternal grandparents lived there, and Jeanette (grandma) was nothing short of the most spontaneous and fun grandmother you’ll ever meet. We would go to family-friendly daytime karaoke, shopping for pool toys, or for evening strolls under canopies of palm trees amidst the sparkling lights of luxury hotels. One evening we came upon what was maybe the first ever “foam party” (or maybe the inspiration for foam parties?).

The fountain at The Walk, a Coral Springs’ shopping center, is beautiful by day and mesmerizing by night. The ever-flowing cascades twinkle with illumination, captivating passersby — especially children who gaze in wonder and ask, “Can we jump in?”

The fountain at The Walk – Coral Springs, FL (Image Credit: Lynn Pineda)

This particular night, my daughters were especially insistent on jumping into the fountain. Jeanette, always ready to indulge in spontaneity, and I, thinking what could it really hurt? gave into their pleas because…

Someone had poured an entire box of powdered laundry detergent into The Walk’s fountain (that someone was long gone — or maybe watching nearby — but the empty box of evidence was on the ground not far away).

The Walk’s fountain was beautiful enough that on a normal evening, people stop to look, take pictures, or throw in some coins to please the granter of fountain wishes. On this evening, the fountain was a life-size rendering of a science fair volcano. Bubbles and suds were everywhere, and continuously growing. And though the bubbling foam dimmed the fountain’s twinkling lights, the sparks of excitement in the eyes of my little girls were enough to light a small city. Jeanette and I loosened our grips on these tiny hands and said, “Go have fun!”

And they did.

Foam Party FAQs

You’re not alone if you’ve never heard of this before. Here are some of the questions we hear most frequently about foam parties.

What’s a foam party?

That night may or may not have been the first ever foam party (it wasn’t the first), but it was every bit as much fun as it sounds.

However, today’s foam parties are even more exciting — not only because the local businesses bring the party to you, but also because you don’t have to worry about getting caught in a public fountain with suds in your hair…

A foam party is the most apropos name for a party for kids of all ages (yes, even you will have fun, Mom!) in which a “foamologist” sets up an open space with a large “slip and slide” and proceeds to shoot foam across the entire space from their “foam cannon.”

The best parties are set to music, have flashing stage lights, and even a bubble machine for those who don’t want to dive into six feet of foam. Your foamologist hands out party favors, creates games with prizes, and more according to guests’ ages.

Is a foam party safe?

Yes, the foam used at parties is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. But it’s still a type of soap. Small children and people with sensitive eyes should wear swim goggles when playing in the foam. Cleaning up after your foam party is simple, because the suds evaporate on their own in about an hour or so, or you can use your spigot and hose if you need to clean up faster.

What kinds of foam party themes are there?

Foam party themes are only limited by your imagination.

A foam party is perfect for:

  • Children’s birthdays
  • Summer camp event
  • School event, such as Field Day or for an end-of-the-year party
  • Fundraisers
  • Family reunions

…or any other reason. In fact, you don’t even need a reason. Plan a foam party just for the sake of indulging in your child’s excitement.

There are themes geared to little ones, teenagers, and yes, even grownups.

Some of the most popular themes include:

  • Hawaiian
  • Pirates
  • Mermaids
  • Halloween
  • Musical genres, like disco or classic rock

Foam parties can also be tailored for:

  • Your furry family members (a.k.a. Dog Foam Pawty)
  • Expectant parents to reveal baby gender
  • LGBTQ-friendly rainbow
  • Nighttime with special glow-in-the-dark foam

What about special needs guests?

Foam parties for special needs guests are designed to be sensory-friendly. Rather than arriving to a party with loud music, flashing lights, and foam everywhere, a sensory-friendly foam party gradually adds elements so that guests can become acclimated to the environment and have an enjoyable time.

Where are foam party businesses near me?

Metro Detroit has several businesses that rent the equipment, but not everyone is a Master Foamologist on their first try.

5 Local Foam Party Businesses

These local foam party businesses will bring the party to you:

#1. Mad Foamers in White Lake

Book a foam party with Mad Foamers Foam Parties
Phone: (248) 221-1903 (call or text)

#2. Foam Fun 4 All in Farmington

Book a foam party online or in-person at:
22777 Farmington Road, Farmington, Michigan 48336
Phone: (248) 301-1310
Contact page

#3. BSA Events 4 Entertainment in Warren

Book a Foam Party
Phone: (586) 218-7583

#4. Mister Foam Bubble Parties & Joystick Mobile Video Gaming in Jackson

Book a foam party, mobile video gaming party, or both. Mister Foam Bubble Parties & Joystick Mobile Video Gaming is located in Jackson but serves all of Michigan.
Phone: (517) 914-7448

#5. Fantastic Foam Parties in Davison

Book a Foam Party
Phone: (810) 316-8034
Message on Facebook

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