Boulan Park in Troy Visitor’s Guide and Photo Gallery

Boulan Park
Address: 3671 Crooks Rd, Troy, MI.
Phone: (248) 524-3484

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Photo Credit: Amber Louchart

When we asked what your favorite parks were, quite often we heard about Boulan Park in Troy.  So we visited the park so we could share our experience with you.  While Boulan doesn’t make the top ten, it is a nice place to visit and offers a lot of amenities to local families.      

Boulan Park Playground

Boulan Park is located on the west side of Crooks Road between Big Beaver and Wattles Roads at 3671 Crooks Rd in Troy.  The park is over 63 acres and offers a wide variety of recreation facilities including three ball diamonds, eight lighted tennis courts, five soccer fields, two sand volleyball courts, two barrier-free play structures, not to mention a 1.25 mile paved walking path.

Boulan also offers the convenience of two picnic shelters, restrooms and concession stand operating in season and parking for up to 451 vehicles.

Boulan Park Playground

Overall the park was clean and fun for the kids.  It is huge and allows for a lot of space for the kids to run and play.

We did notice a bit of wear and tear on some of the play structures and on the foam under the structures, but nothing too serious.  The girls had a wonderful time checking everything out.  The only drawback is that the swings are quite a distance from the structure and I was glad there were two of us there to watch the girls because the space was so large.    

Boulan Park Swings

Boulan Park Hours

Open daily from 7:00 am until 10 pm.


Entrance to Boulan Park in Troy is free.


Boulan Park Summary

Play Elements: two play structures as well as one toddler structure
Swings: bucket in addition to traditional swings
Surface: grass/paved/wood chips/foam
Unique Features: seasonal concession stand
Bathrooms: yes, seasonal
Drinking Fountain: yes
Shade: partial
Pavilion: two
Picnic Tables: yes
Grills: Yes
Sports Fields: three ball diamonds, eight lighted tennis courts, five soccer fields, as well as two sand volleyball courts
Walking Trails: 1.25 mile paved walking path
Parking: free parking for 451 vehicles, paved
Tot Play Structure: yes
Fenced in: no
Seating: picnic tables

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Troy Parks

Community Parks in Troy include:

  • Boulan Park is over 63 acres and offers a wide variety of recreation facilities including three ball diamonds, eight lighted tennis courts, five soccer fields, two sand volleyball courts, two barrier-free play structures, not to mention a 1.25 mile paved walking path.
  •  Jaycee Park offers two ball diamonds, full-sized and small soccer fields, as well as a sand volleyball court for the sports lovers. Above all, the children will enjoy two barrier-free play structures and a gaga ball court at this 45-acre park. Additionally, Jaycee Park in Troy has a picnic shelter, restrooms, and paved parking. Finally, guests can take a book or leave a book at the Little Free Library.
  • Firefighters Park hosts a mix of open space as well as wooded areas in this 96-acre park. The Rouge River runs through the park offering a gorgeous view together with the opportunity for shore fishing. The park also offers playgrounds, soccer fields, ball diamonds, disc golf, shore fishing, pavilions, and restrooms.
  • Donald J. Flynn Park is a 25-acre park that offers ball diamonds, seasonal restrooms, a small play structure, and concession stand.
  • Raintree Park, a 41-acre park that hosts an 18-hole disc golf course, ball diamond,  two barrier-free play structures, picnic shelter, sand volleyball court, in addition to a paved walking path through the woods. There are restrooms are available seasonally too.

Neighborhood Parks in Troy include:

  • Beach Road Park offers sports fields such as ball diamonds and soccer fields. Visitors will enjoy the 10 acres filled with open spaces together with recreational play. A play structure as well as restrooms are also available.
  • Beaver Trial Park is a 7-acre park that offers paved walking paths as well as both wooded and open space areas. There is no parking at this location, therefore this park is only accessible by foot. Visitors can enjoy the sand volleyball coupled with the barrier-free structure. 
  • Brinston Park is an 18-acre park that offers several sports fields including ball diamonds, soccer fields, tennis courts, as well as a basketball court. Visitors can also enjoy the barrier-free structure. 
  • Phillipp J. Huber Park offers a 1.3-mile unpaved walking path through the wooded areas of the 20-acre park. Visitors can also enjoy tennis at one of the eight lighted tennis courts. Additionally, a picnic area and restrooms are available for park-goers.
  • Milverton Park offers walking paths along the wooded wetland areas as well as a large open space. Visitors can also enjoy climbing boulders together with the wheelchair-accessible exercise equipment in this 15-acre park.
  • North Glen Park offers dirt paths through its 10 acres of wooded areas. If you enjoy a family-friendly hiking adventure, then you’ll want to check out this neighborhood park. Additionally, this park does not offer any other amenities nor restrooms.
  • Redwood Park is the smallest of the parks in Troy, Michigan, it still offers a lot of recreational opportunities to its visitors. The 3-acre Redwood Park offers a ball diamond, pickleball courts, a barrier-free play structure, as well as a small picnic shelter.
  • Robinwood Park is an 18 -acre park that offers a one-mile paved walking path, two barrier-free play structures, a sand volleyball court as well as two picnic areas.
  • Schroeder Park offers two soccer fields, paved and unpaved paths through 10 acres of wooded areas, a ball diamond as well as two play structures.
  • Sylvan Glen Lake Park is a 40-acre park that offers shore fishing on the sixteen-acre lake as well as plenty of grassy areas to play.
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