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New Tropical Smoothie Cafe Ann Arbor Restaurant Location Now Open

I am always looking for healthier options that fit into my Weight Watchers dietary needs, and so when I had the chance to step over to Ann Arbor right before Christmas to check out the recently opened new Tropical Smoothie location on Washtenaw Avenue, I was thrilled.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe On Washtenaw Avenue Ann Arbor

Let me first tell you that this location is one of those super convenient places right off I-94 and Washtenaw Avenue.  It faces the road and is convenient to pull in and out in the strip mall so you can easily park, run in and get a meal to go, or sit down with friends for a leisurely lunch.  I loved that they had such a roomy dining area with multiple options for booths, tables, and groups to enjoy lunch together. 
I got to meet the owner of this location, and he was on the ball.  He was definitely excited to answer questions and ready to meet the needs of his customers.  He really wanted to help people find a healthier way of life.  He chatted with me between customers about how he wanted to bring some fresh and fast healthy options that people could easily grab for lunch without feeling that the only food out there had to come from a drive thru laden in oils and fats.  He was happy to answer my questions and even gave me some tips and encouragement on my own health journey.  Given that I was only a few weeks into my journey at that point, I was really in need of that encouragement. 
We had checked online before we stopped into the location so we would be prepared to place our order in advance.  Being new to Weight Watchers, I wanted to take the time to plan my meal out in advance.  Plus, I knew it would probably be a bit busier at lunch time and I didn’t want to hold up the line by lingering while I made choices.  I could have easily picked up a menu and checked things out in line when I arrived, so I know that for my next trip.

I chose a simple Thai Peanut Chicken Salad.  My husband went for the Chicken Pesto Flatbread sandwich, and our son, of course, picked the chicken pizza flatbread. 
We all picked various smoothie options, but we did find out we could pick Splenda instead of the traditional turbinado sugar to lower the calories on our smoothies and make them sugar-free.  All you have to do is ask at the register to substitute Splenda instead – there is no extra charge for this feature! I enjoyed the Peaches ‘N Silk Smoothie while my husband had the Bahama Mama and my son had a simple Strawberry Banana Smoothie.  All of them were delicious!  
We enjoyed a quiet and yummy lunch that was satisfying, made in just minutes, and most of all didn’t leave me feeling guilty.  Tropical Smoothie Cafe is one “fast food” option that I can truly fit into my lifestyle with absolutely no guilt at all.  
Some fun things I found out while at this location: 
  • Breakfast is served all day!  They have some fun wraps and flatbreads with omelet options that are served all day so if you aren’t looking for a smoothie or sandwich but want some protein options for a fast meal, you can even grab something off their breakfast menu. 
  • Prices are really reasonable!  I honestly expected to spend more than we did, but their prices are super reasonable!  The kid’s menu options as of the time I am writing this post are $3.49 and you can grab a kid’s smoothie for $2.59.  If you get them together, it is only $5.49.  That was more than enough to fill up our 9-year-old who lately has been eating larger portions. 
  • They offer Full & Half options on Salads!  Ask at the register about the half salad options.  I honestly could have gotten the smaller option and done just fine.  I struggled to finish mine, and in fact, ended up giving about 1/3 of my salad to my husband to finish because it was a bit too much for me.  It is a great option to grab a half salad for lunch, or grab a full salad and pack the leftovers for dinner or lunch the next day. 
  • There are tons of add-in options for Smoothies!  If you want to add extra nutrients or protein to a traditional smoothie on the menu, check out their list of add-in options.  They can supercharge your smoothie for a small upcharge.  This is great for the post-workout smoothie with added protein. 
Stop into the Washtenaw Avenue location of The Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Ann Arbor and have a great salad, wrap, flatbread or smoothie to satisfy your hunger for a healthier option from one of Ann Arbor restaurants best new options!