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Memorial Park in Royal Oak

Memorial Park is located on the north side of 13 Mile between Woodward and Coolidge.  The park hosts two large play structures, child and toddler swings, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, a football field, picnic area, concession and restrooms.

While visiting we noticed that the restrooms and concessions were not available, but probably wold be open during baseball games or maybe seasonally.

The first of the two play structures has a bridge, many slides, monkey bars, and other fun features.  The area is padded with wood chips and is appropriate for about ages 4 and up.  I felt uncomfortable with a few of the large drop offs where the monkey bars and fireman pole are located.  
In the same area there is a digger toy and this large dinosaur the children can play on.  Child swings are within a few feet of this structure.  
Off in the distance is a second older wooden structure.  This play area features many climbing areas, a rolling slide, tire swing, monkey bars and other fun items.  Rosa enjoyed playing in the sand for quite some time in this area.  Toddler swings are located close to this play area.  

Again this structure would be good for children of at least four years of age.  Overall the park was well maintained, offered picnic table and bench seating near the play structures and garbage cans that were a perfect distance away from the play areas. Even though this park is located near three major roads, there is a good distance between the road and the play areas.  I didn’t see a lot of parking near the play areas.  
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