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Taylor Heritage Park

The city of Taylor is home to a variety of family friendly venues including the beautiful Heritage Park.  This multipurpose space surrounds the Taylor Public Library on Pardee road, just north of Northline road in the heart of Taylor.

The park has space enough for a few areas including an oval walking path with historic buildings and posts describing some of the history of the city.  The walkway surrounds a man-made pond stocked with fish and home to many geese and ducks.  The bridge is a backdrop for many downriver family photos, prom pictures, wedding shots and any other special occasions that are picture worthy.  It’s also a popular dog walking location in the city for leashed dogs and owners who are looking for some canine socializing.

Around the pond are varied historical landmarks that tell some of the story of Taylor. For example, a working Water Powered Mill.

Visitors and local students can also schedule visits to the Little Red Schoolhouse to take a trip back in time to the school days of yesteryear.  Passersby can peak inside to see wooden desks, chalk boards and other tells of school days long ago.
Anyone who loves trains can check out a railroad, train station and an actual train all year round! Bathrooms are also available in this “station.”

A second space is a playground covered in wood chips and alongside various large grassy spaces as well.

Two main pavilions are available for rent and often house birthday parties, family reunions, or field trips.  The playground includes swings, climbers, slides, monkey bars, and stationary riding
toys.  While it is an appropriate space for older children, there is not much for my one year old to enjoy other than the toddler swings and of course splashing in mud puddles after three days of rain!  Beware of this space after rain as the ground is low and mud is high!

The baseball fields are home to the Junior League World Series annually along with the Taylor South Little League.  In celebration of the baseball events hosted in Taylor, the city created a new splash pad in 2015 with a baseball theme for children and adults alike. 

Surrounding the entire playground and three baseball diamonds is a track where joggers, rollerbladers and walkers have a scenic route with mile markers and bathroom access as well.  Special events such as a summer festival, weekly farmers market, Christmastime Magic Forest with Santa, and the afore mentioned Junior League World Series.   Nearby is the open air Sheridan Center, a roller hockey rink, soccer fields, Taylor Petting Farm and the Taylor Public Library which is a nice spot to cool off and get lost in a book after hot summer fun!  The Splash Pad and Farm have an admissions charge, but access to the park is free.  My little family enjoys frequent visits to Heritage Park, mostly pushing my young toddler in his stroller or letting him toddle through the path around the pond for walking practice. This is a great destination for an entire day of fun all year round.

Carissa Orr
Author: Carissa Orr

Early Childhood Professional, “Music with Ms. Carissa,” Mama, and now blogger thanks to MDM! Carissa works as an Early Childhood Consultant for Michigan’s state-funded Preschool Program, the Great Start Readiness Program.  In her spare time, she entertains children and families with live music as part of her Music with Ms. Carissa.  Most importantly, she is “Jack’s Mom” and loves adventuring with her young toddler all around Metro Detroit!