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Normandy Oaks Park and Splash Pad

Normandy Oaks Park: Splash Pad

Normandy Oaks Park in Royal Oak, located at 4234 Delemere Blvd, MI 48073, is a beautifully designed 40-acre park that offers a plethora of activities suitable for families, nature enthusiasts, and sports lovers alike. This park has quickly become a favorite destination for both residents and visitors, providing a variety of engaging amenities that cater to all age groups and interests.

Normandy Oaks Splash Pad

Features of Normandy Oaks Park

From interactive play structures to scenic walking trails, Normandy Oaks Park provides diverse options to ensure everyone has a great time:

Playground: Featuring state-of-the-art play structures, the playground offers a safe and entertaining environment for children of various age groups.

Normandy Oaks Park Playground

Walking Trails: The park includes well-maintained trails perfect for morning jogs, evening strolls, or leisurely hikes through nature.

Soccer Fields: For sports enthusiasts, the soccer fields provide a fantastic venue for both league play and casual games.

Picnic Areas: Equipped with tables and benches, these areas offer a pleasant setting for family picnics or social gatherings.

Wetland Area: A stunning wetland area within the park serves as a habitat for diverse wildlife, ideal for bird watching and nature photography.

Normandy Oaks Splash Pad

The FREE splash pad within Normandy Oaks Park is a highlight, especially during the warmer months. It is fenced in with one opening, making it easy for parents and caregivers to keep an eye on the children. The surface around the splash pad is concrete, and there are patches of AstroTurf around the perimeter near the picnic tables, which host five picnic tables covered by large shade sails. This makes it the perfect place for a summer picnic.

royal Oak splash pad

The splash pad operates on a five-minute timer, and guests can activate the water features by pressing a button. There are more than 30 different water elements, including a huge bucket that dumps water every few minutes, and various jets timed so that not all water is flowing simultaneously. This engaging setup keeps the children entertained and cool on hot summer days.

shade sails at Normandy Oaks Splash Pad

Playground and Other Amenities

Playground: The playground area is geared towards school-aged children. It includes a large structure with a giant tunnel slide, accessed by climbing ropes. It also features a fun bridge, climbing nets, ladders, monkey bars, and balance elements. For younger guests, a smaller structure offers basic climbing opportunities, along with two saucer swings.

Amenities: Normandy Oaks features pavilions and picnic shelters with concessions, ideal for parties, with plenty of shaded picnic tables and grills. Restrooms are conveniently attached to the pavilion. The park’s retention pond attracts local wildlife and provides a scenic addition to the paved walking path. The park is also perfect for community activities like yoga and fitness classes.

Pavilion with restrooms

Hours and Accessibility

The splash pad at Normandy Oaks is open daily from 9 am until 9 pm, from Memorial Day until Labor Day. The park and playground are open from dawn until dusk, ensuring full-day accessibility for all park activities.

With its extensive range of facilities and beautiful natural settings, Normandy Oaks Park is more than just a park; it’s a community hub where individuals and families can relax, play, and explore. Whether you’re interested in active sports, leisurely walks, or just a fun day out with the kids, this park has something to offer.

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