Unique Gift Ideas From Upcycled Items

Everyone is looking for Unique Gift Ideas for the holiday season.  I love making use of things I come across that are budget friendly to create something fun and personalized for friends and family.  Using items I already have on hand to create those gifts is even better.  Who wouldn’t like to receive a beautiful gift that is also personal and truly unique to them?  So, I am excited to share some of my favorite unique gift ideas with you that come from upcycled items.

Unique Gift Ideas From Upcycled Items

Old sweaters turned into pillows.  If you are like me, you probably have a box or bag full of discarded sweaters that you just won’t wear again.  I discovered a few years ago how amazing they can be to upcycle.

Grab a few old sweaters, the thicker the better, and cut the arms off.  Simply sew one end closed, stuff with inexpensive pillow stuffing, and then sew to seal the other end.  You have a simple, soft, and beautiful neck roll pillow that is an ideal upcycled item you can use as a gift.

Old picture frames turned into serving trays.  Through the years I have grabbed picture frames from thrift shops or even my mom’s basement when I thought they could be sturdy enough to use for another project.  They are wonderful options to create unique gift ideas.

Spray paint the frame with a beautiful color that fits your receiver’s personality.  Grab some plywood or heavy cork board and measure to attach to the bottom of the frame.  Tack this on with wood glue or small nails.  You can even paint the board the same color or another matching color that pops.  This is a perfect serving tray or even a fun tray to collect things like jewelry, perfume bottles, or scarves on a chest in the bedroom.

Mason Jar makeup brush holders.  I love the idea of taking mason jars straight out of my kitchen and adding some embellishments to create a beautiful and custom makeup brush holder for one of my friends or family members.

I love the idea of using chalkboard paint to add a square or rectangle that your receiver can personalize.  Then glue on some lace, twine, buttons, or similar embellishments to customize the jar.  If you have the budget to do so, you can even add new makeup brushes to it as part of the gift.  Personalizing with their monogram is another fun option for those who use the Cricut.

Fill jars with fun candies and treats.  A simple gift idea that I love is using simple glass jars and canisters I find at thrift shops to make an inexpensive candy purchase look fancy.  Grab fun candy at your local dollar store and add with a pretty ribbon to a unique glass jar for a gorgeous and fun gift.

Make a teacup candle.  One of my favorite unique gift ideas that is always popular with anyone is to make your own candles.  I scour thrift shops and yard sales for unique and beautiful teacups and matching saucers.  You can usually pick these up for $1-$2 each, and often even less.  Then, I grab some simple wax melts, wicks, and essential oils from the hobby store, and I use the teacup as a vessel to pour my candle into.  This is a great gift they can easily display, or burn and use as they prefer.

These unique gift ideas are perfect for creating with upcycled items you may already have on hand.  They give you a great way to save money, and to gift fun items to friends and family for any holiday or event.

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