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7 Perfect Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Shopping for your best friend can actually be harder than you think. On the one hand, they’re the person you know inside and out: you’ve been through breakups, new jobs, and all of life’s ups and downs together. On the other hand, you spend so much time together that you’ve likely already bought them a million little things, and that can make finding the one perfect gift even harder. Whether your BFF is into music, fashion, travel or fun, we’ve found some great ideas to make their birthday feel even more special.

Surprise Them With a Bouquet of Flowers

You may think flowers are a sign of romantic love, but they can be the perfect platonic gift as well. There are certain blooms that are perfect in a bouquet of birthday celebration flowers, like chrysanthemums or pink roses. Chrysanthemums represent joy, life and rebirth, which makes them perfect for a birthday, while pink roses are the jack of all trades in the flower world: they can represent everything from admiration and appreciation to gratitude or sympathy.  You can also pick a flower based on your friend’s personality or preferences. For example, a bright and cheery sunflower is the perfect gift for a friend who always cheers you up, or go for sword-shaped gladiolas for a friend who’s always been a source of strength for you. If your friend prefers potted plants to cut flowers, you can opt for a fern. In many cultures, ferns represent happiness, security and sincerity. What classier way to wish your friend a happy birthday?

Indulge With a Scented Candle

Once upon a time, candles may have felt like an impersonal gift. But with the plethora of boutique candle manufacturers offering any scent you can imagine, gifting a candle can be a lot more personal and a lot less “I found this at the mall.” Skip the obvious scents like vanilla (or an on-the-nose scent like birthday cake) and pick something that truly speaks to your friend. You can get a champagne scented candle, complete with a rose gold vessel, for your glamorous and chic friend, or a homesick candle that is created after the smells from their hometown. You can even do a DIY and make a candle yourself — there’s nothing like a homemade gift! This way, you can choose the scent and create a keepsake that truly speaks to your friendship.

Choose a Beautiful Piece of Jewelry

Similar to flowers, you may have thought jewelry was only an appropriate gift for a romantic partner. But there’s no reason why you can’t spoil your bestie with a piece of jewelry! This can be a personal and thoughtful gift that can be cherished forever. There are so many options to choose from, so you’ll want to pick something that is meaningful and suits your friend’s personal style. For example, if your friend wears minimalist jewelry, you might want to opt for something simple like birthstone earrings or a pendant necklace. However, if your friend is quirky and bold, you can try polymer earrings or a gemstone ring. You can even look for jewelry that represents their interests, like burger-shaped earrings for a foodie or a T-Rex necklace for a dinosaur fan.

Pick a Fun Game for You Both to Play

Board games are a great gift because they can be used over and over again. For a friend who loves games or hosts a lot of dinner parties, a board game can be the perfect choice for their birthday gift. For example, the cheaters version of Monopoly encourages players to cheat by stealing cards or bending the rules. This is a funny gift for a friend who always seems to win at everything, no matter what! You can get something close to their interests, like Harry Potter Uno or Trivial Pursuit. And don’t forget, you can’t go wrong with a deck of Cards Against Humanity!

Choose and Experience to Enjoy

If your friend doesn’t need any more stuff, one way to celebrate their birthday is by taking them on a unique experience! You can head to a local spa for a day of relaxation, getting massages and matching mani-pedis. Or if your friend is a wine connoisseur, take them to a nearby winery for a tour and a tasting. If you’re on a budget, you can do a day out on the cheap! Pack some snacks and head out to one of your favorite parks for a bike ride and a picnic, or invite them over for a home-cooked meal and birthday cake. Spending time together is the greatest gift of all.

Give a Gift That Keeps on Giving

While their birthday is only once a year, that doesn’t mean you can’t give your friend a year-long gift. A subscription box will deliver a curated selection of goodies to their home every month, and show your friend you’re thinking of them 365 days a year. You can find subscription boxes in just about any theme, so you’re sure to find one your friend will love. A friend with a sweet tooth will like a subscription box that delivers candy and snacks from around the world, and an avid reader can get a box of newly released books.

Share Your Most Beloved Memories

A sentimental birthday gift is a surefire way to make your friend’s day. You can make a scrapbook of all your memories together, including photos and keepsakes, or highlight all your many adventures together. You can get a ticket book to save all your plane tickets and Broadway show stubs, so you can look back on your years of friendship together. You could also make a playlist of all their favourite songs on Spotify and give them a high-tech keychain with the song code, so they can scan and play it whenever they like.

No matter what you end up choosing for your friend, make sure to put thought and effort into it. A personalized gift that comes from the heart will always mean so much more!