Rosie’s Park in Madison Heights

For me Rosie’s Park is where memories were made, back when I was much younger.  It was my neighborhood park while I was growing up.  It was where I played, sometimes from dawn until dusk, where I rode my bike pretending I was the fastest cyclist ever, where I escaped when I found out my parents were getting divorced.

It has changed so much over the past years, but it still holds its same charm as a neighborhood park.  It is nestled  right in the center of the neighborhoods that are encompassed by 11 mile, John R, 12 mile and Dequindre.  The park includes two baseball diamonds, soccer fields, biking hills and half pipe, a wooded nature trail, two play grounds, paved pathways for walking (1/2 mile and 1 mile tracks), a concession stand and restrooms (only open during baseball games).

The two play areas provide the children with a ton of places to climb, slide and swing.  The park also has quite a few picnic tables and grills in the wooded area on the north side that provides a great place for a summertime picnic.  The nature trail on the south side of the park is just beautiful.  It is paved and provides 1/2 mile of peace (provided the people you choose to walk with are peaceful:). )

The park is usually very well maintained.  One day before we attended, there had been a giant storm that knocked down several trees within the park, and although it was Labor Day Weekend, cleanup had already began.  The Gospel Life Church in Madison Heights also donates their time to help keep the park clean.

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