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Outdoor Winter Fun: Sledding at Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills

Bloomer Park Sledding Hill in Rochester Hills

There’s a saying: If you can’t beat them, join them. Well, that apparently goes for winter as well. Old Man Winter isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so on a recent Sunday afternoon, my family suited up for some winter fun. We went sledding at Bloomer Park in Rochester.  The park, which is on John R Road one mile north of Avon Road, is a winter lover’s delight.

Bloomer Park Snowy Sign

In addition to the huge sledding hill there are lots of trails to explore via snowshoes if you have them. We saw plenty of people hiking in snow boots as well, so it’s doable if you don’t have snowshoes. Luckily, we have snowshoes, so we did a nice hike in the woods, where we saw deer tracks (and droppings), squirrels, birds (including a vibrant cardinal) and gorgeous, snow-covered pines.

Bloomer Park Sledding Hill in Rochester Hills

The Bloomer Park Sledding Hill

The sledding hill at Bloomer Park features a giant hill with several lanes as well as one lane that is dedicated to walking up. Therefore collisions will be a lot less likely. Also, it is against park rules to use skis or snowboards on the sledding hills. During our visit we saw everyone following the rules, taking turns and having a blast.

The hill is big and divided into sections. The steep and long slopes allow you to get up to speed. However, it is bumpy, so you want to really hang on! My son took a tumble and scratched his face so it isn’t without risk. Therefore, helmets might be a good idea!

Photo Credit: Korie Wilkins

This sledding hill is really for older children. Ages 5 and up will get the most out of it, but there is a smaller, gentler hill near the parking area for smaller children.

Amenities for Bloomer Park Sledding Hill

Visitors to the park are able to utilize the heated restrooms which are located near at the Hilltop Shelter. Guests can warm up at the fire pit which is close to the sledding hill. Bench seating is available near the fire pits. There is also a fire place within the pavilion.

fire pit near the sledding hill at Bloomer Park

Bloomer Park Location, Hours and Fees

The Bloomer Park property spans both Rochester and Rochester Hills, but is maintained by Rochester Hills.

Address: 345 John R Rd, Rochester, MI 48307

There is an admission fee to the park, but on this day, no one was collecting money. However, there is usually a gate attendant gathering admission.

Daily admission to the park is $5. The annual park pass is $35.

The park is open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

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Writer: Korie Wilkins
Editor: Amber Louchart
Photographer: Bernadette Manaay

Korie Wilkins
Author: Korie Wilkins

Korie is a work at home mom to an energetic boy and a sweet todder girl. She loves big books, chocolate, writing, crochet and her Peloton. A recovering former journalist, Korie is also a wife, cook and allergy mama. Follow her on Twitter at @koriemw.