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Ten Self-Care Tips for Parents that are Under $10

I think often the term self-care sounds like a luxury to parents. If you ask a parent what do they do for self-care they may respond that eventually, they want to do something great just for them one day. I always am fascinated by the response because it resembles the same response that someone might give if you asked them if they won the lottery what they would do. You know the wistful look, the far-a-way dreamy expression and then the back to earth realization that this may not ever happen but wouldn’t it be nice. Self-care is not the lottery. Self-care is not optional. The process of giving yourself a break is a good one not only to improve your overall wellness but also your parenting in general. Okay, let me help. When you think of self-care you may be thinking of a seven-day cruise or an elegant shopping trip. These things could definitely count as self-care but allow me to make things a bit more explain and a lot less expensive. Self-care can easily be summed up as giving yourself a few minutes on a regular basis to de-stress and to be mindful of doing something that makes you feel a bit better.

Here are ten tips that are under $10.00 that might not only brighten your day but also may improve your mental wellness.

Ten Self-Care Tips

1.) Purchase a feel good song on iTunes or a similar app and begin a feel good or feel better soundtrack to listen to.
2.) Journal! Write a few lines to express yourself, sum up your day or track your gratitude
3.) Make a weekly library trip or see if your library has audio books to choose a selection on a regular basis. Readers are leaders and it is great to set this example for your little ones.
4.) Buy a new nail polish and treat yourself to a mini-
manicure .
5.) Have a weekly coffee date with a friend. It is hard to find time to catch up it can be easier if you schedule it.
6.) Experience a local park or museum and bring a notebook to jot down what you loved about the sites that you took in.
7.) Add one element to your fitness routine. It could as simple as nightly stretches.
8.) Drink more water. There are so many benefits that hydration affords us. Buy a new water bottle to motivate yourself if you can.
9.) Try a salad of the week. Try out a new variation on lettuce or accents to make your diet a better and more exciting.
10.) Take 30 minutes (or more if you have it) and give yourself a nap time.  Our kids need naps but when we are refreshed with adequate rest we can also be less cranky. 

Here is to your self-care!
Tara Michener
Author: Tara Michener