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Empower Young Environmentalists: Join Earth Rangers at Home for Earth Month

Take Action this Earth Month with Earth Rangers: Following the U.S. Debut of its In-School Environmental Assembly Program in over 30 Michigan Elementary Schools, Students Can Continue the Momentum and Become an Earth Ranger at Home for Free Today!

Over the past few weeks, Earth Rangers, a charity that empowers kids and families to make a positive impact on the environment, has traveled to over 30 Michigan elementary schools with its inspiring school assembly program, created to help make learning about wildlife conservation fun and exciting for students. Made possible in part by Dawn®, the new interactive presentation not only featured 4D elements like bubbles, fog, and nature scents to provide an immersive experience for students but also a brand-new, technological twist: a holographic co-host named ECO, the Earth Rangers Communications Operative!

ECO took students around the world using the free Earth Rangers App and its habitat wheel. Eco also transformed into different animals and forms to showcase dozens of different species and habitats- from jaguars in the Costa Rican rainforest to lake sturgeon in the local freshwater Great Lakes.

With each habitat, kids saw inspiring examples of eco-action and heard directly from experts including Angie Trumbo, Conservation & Education Specialist at International Bird Rescue, and Krystal Krucik, Public Programs Coordinator at The Marine Mammal Center. Students had the chance to see each organization through interactive video calls complete with mini-tours of their facilities showcasing how they care for rescued animals.

What Makes Earth Rangers School Assembly Program Special?

“Our school assembly program has been so successful in Canada and we’re excited to be able to bring it to the U.S. through our continued partnership with Dawn,” says Tovah Barocas, President of Earth Rangers. “The program truly defies the expectations of what students expect to experience in school, making it exciting and memorable, in addition to educational. The interaction between the human presenter and Hologram is so fun and engaging, bringing kids on a journey to learn about biodiversity more broadly, as well as in local habitats. We’re incredibly grateful to Dawn for supporting the expansion of this flagship program and connecting us with their incredible partners.”

Kids Can Become an Earth Ranger at Home for Free Today & Make an Impact on Their Community!

The Free Earth Rangers App

Following the presentation, students were encouraged to become Earth Rangers at home by signing up for the free program available through the award-winning Earth Rangers App with their parents’ help. The app makes it easy and fun for kids to learn about wildlife and conservation through dozens of activities that show them how to make a real impact in their local communities—from organizing shoreline clean-ups and planting pollinator gardens, to reducing energy consumption and food waste.

Earth Rangers Adoption Kits

Members are also able to symbolically “adopt” a wide range of species, several of which were highlighted within this year’s school assembly – such as the Jaguar, Harbor Seal, Common Loon, and more – for a $45 fee. Kids receive a cuddly stuffed animal and adoption certificate, while funds from the adoptions go towards conservation projects and research that help protect the animals members love.

Earth Rangers Homeroom

In addition to Earth Rangers school assemblies, the organization also offers easy-to-use and engaging resources for educators through its Homeroom platform. The site provides a one-stop shop for parents who are homeschooling or for busy teachers to continue environmental learning in the classroom with easy, impactful, and fun activities tailored to different grades. As a leader in the space and an authority on the topic, Earth Rangers also offers a first-of-its-kind micro-credential on eco-anxiety geared towards helping educators – at home & in school – incorporate specific strategies into their teaching practices to help empower students.

Earth Rangers Birthday Parties

Parents can also turn their child’s birthday into an ECHOage party to help protect wildlife. When a birthday party is planned with Earth Rangers and ECHOage, a child can get the big gift they really want, AND raise funds to protect an awesome animal in need. As a thank you, Earth Rangers will even send the birthday guest of honor a FREE plush wildlife adoption kit!

Amber Louchart
Author: Amber Louchart

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