McDonald’s – Clinton Township on Garfield

This week we visited the McDonald’s in Clinton Township on Garfield, which is just north of 18 Mile Road.

We arrived at about 11:00 am, on a Monday morning.  It was very slow, there were maybe 3 other groups seated in the restaurant, none of them with children.  After getting our order we went to sit down and all of the tables were dirty in the play area.  Dried ketchup, crumbs, french fries on the floor, dirty garbage can all evidence that the area quite possibly had not been cleaned at the end of the shift the previous evening.  

Quite honestly, I have to question when the last time the place was cleaned at all.  There was visible garbage and debris  on the floor in the play area and under the structure.  I asked the employee for a towel so I could wipe off a table and she said she would take care of it.  She wiped down all the tables… but I guess she didn’t notice the french fries on the floor or the dirty garbage area.

So, beyond the cleanliness, the structure itself was okay.  It was in good condition and Rosa had a lot of fun.  Carlyn however was left with not much to do but run back and forth.  The steps that lead up to the structure are very steep and she fell off of them a couple of time.  Even though the structure is designed for children 3 to 12, it would be nice if they had something for the younger children.

There is plenty of space under the structure for something…. maybe a small climber, slide, toys?  It’s just wasted space that encourages running.   

A pane of glass separates the play structure from the seating.  I guess to muffle the sounds of the children.  The shoe bin also blocks the view, so it isn’t easy to see if you sit at a few of the tables.
The high tops viewed below only seat people on one side and are not ideal for small children nor high chairs.

Finally, there is no restroom in the play area.  Despite the cleanliness and poor layout, the girls did have a good time.  I would not recommend this location.  I prefer the McDonald’s on Hall just east of Garfield.  See our review of that location here:
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