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Mae Stecker Park: Play, Walk, & Relax in Shelby

Visitor’s Guide, image gallery, and info for Mae Stecker Park in Shelby Township. The park offers play structures, walking trails and sport fields.

Activities for all Ages

Whatever you and your children enjoy doing on a lovely day – be it playing sports, fishing, goofing around on the playground or taking a walk, Shelby Township’s Mae Stecker Park is sure to please.

Definitely put a visit here on your bucket list!

Mae Stecker Park

This park is a real gem. It may not look like much from the road, but this park on 24 Mile Road has baseball diamonds, basketball courts, tennis courts, a 1.5-mile hiking trail that runs around a lovely pond, three cool play structures for kids ages 2-12, sand volleyball, tons of picnic tables, benches, shade and more. Finally, in the winter months guests can enjoy the ice-skating rink. You could easily spend several hours here.

Playgrounds at Mae Stecker Park

Children of all ages, from toddlers to teens can find something to do here, so if you have a group that wants a fun outing, this park should be on your list. There is even a pavilion you can rent, and an adorable fairy garden. So cute!

Toddler Playground

There are restrooms (we’ve been here several times and sometimes they are open and sometimes not) and Port-a-potties, plenty of trash cans and seating for parents. There’s also a lot of shady areas to have a picnic lunch or take a break.

Mae Stecker Playground

The play structures aren’t fenced in but there are plenty of cool features for kids ages 2 and up. Even older kids will like the play structures. My 7-year-old found plenty to love. We also enjoyed walking around the pond and will definitely come back and try to catch a fish or two.

Geocaching at Mae Stecker

There is also an easy geocache in this park if that’s your thing; just note that there is LOTS of poison ivy in the area where it is hidden so use caution. Not sure what geocaching is? Here are five things to know before you go!

This park, named after a former Shelby Township clerk, opened in 1974 and is 14 acres. The address is 8600 24 Mile Road in Shelby Township. It’s just east of Van Dyke.

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