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Ice Age: Frozen Secrets at Impression 5

Ice Age: Frozen Secrets is one of the newest traveling exhibits at Lansing’s Impression 5 Science Center.  The immersive exhibit features recreations of Ice Age animals, hands-on activities as well as plenty of opportunities for children (and adults) to learn through play.  Visitors can construct a giant 3D mastodon puzzle or explore life as a human during the Ice Age. Likewise, guests can touch real fossils that date back more than a million years!  Lansing Impression 5 Science Center provided us with free admission so we could share our experience with you.  

Ice Age: Frozen Secrets at Impression 5

Visitors to the Ice Age exhibit are invited to take a step back in time to explore this amazing period in time. Life-sized interactive displays, two full-scale dioramas,  diagrams, coupled with informational media all work together to prompt guests to think, wonder and learn.

Ice Age: Frozen Secrets saber tooth

There are learning experiences for guests of all ages. Ice Age: Frozen Secrets exhibits such as glacier exploration, puppet shows, and fossil digs provide something for everyone.  In fact, the exhibit contains over 2,500 square feet of animal recreations and real fossils that date back to 500 million years. As a result, everyone will be pulled into this learning experience.

Ice Age sloth

Similarly, visitors can learn about the Geologic History of Earth that goes back to the Paleozoic Era and spans to current times.

Ice Age: Frozen Secrets Geologic History

Finally, a favorite for younger guests is this fossil dig, which kept my kids busy for at least 15 minutes.  Overall, this immersive Ice Age experience is worth the trip.

Fossil Dig

Ice Age: Frozen Secrets is generously sponsored by Lake Trust Credit Union, Jackson National Life Insurance Company, and the Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Ice Age: Frozen Secrets Info:

Impression 5 Science Center
200 Museum Drive
Lansing, MI 48933

September 7, 2019 – January 5, 2020
SUN 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
MON Closed
TUES-SAT10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

FREE with Museum Admission

Admission Fees:
$8.50: Adults, Children 2 and older
$7.00: Seniors, Military members (and immediate family)
FREE: Members, Children 1 & younger
$2.00: Museums for All (up to 6 guests with valid ID and EBT, medicaid, or WIC card)

Reciprocal Admission:
FREE: ASTC Travel Passport 90+ miles
50% OFF: ASTC Travel Passport under 90 miles
50% OFF: ACM Reciprocal Network (up to 6 guests)

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