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How to Reclaim Your Identity: Three Way to Create Space for You Daily

I get it,  being a mom is hard work sometimes. We know that we need to take better care of ourselves but it feels like our household as we know it will fall apart.
So, I’m going to introduce you  to three ways that you can take care of yourself daily with no money and minimal time.
Seems like a dream, doesn’t it?
But here’s the deal, in order for it to work for you, you need to be ready to make the shift and set up some different patterns in your life.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed in life right now, that means you have tolerated people stepping on your boundaries for too long.
Trust me I know the pattern, for over 10 years I was the ‘go to’ girl, my family couldn’t function without me and I did it all.  After my last baby that was the last straw for this camel, I completely broke down.
Here are three ways you can begin to make that shift now in your life now. Let’s get ready to change patterns and create more ease in your life.
  1. Time Mastery – How does a busy mom become a time master? By mastering her emotions, her boundaries, her schedules and her distractions. Time mastery is not really about mastering time at all, but about mastering the things you allow to fill your time. The biggest mistake many moms make is trying to manage time.
  2. Creating a Plan –  Creating a plan keeps you from living in what I call O.P.P. *Other People’s Priorities* When you have a clear map on what you want your day and life to look like you’re less likely to fall into the trap of getting caught up in needless drama and distractions. Having a clear plan based on how you want to feel and why keeps you focused and using your energy in a way that serves you.
  3. Applying Boundaries – This is often a toughie for moms. We’re great at setting boundaries but we aren’t so great at making sure those boundaries get followed. If you’re already stressed, all it takes is a rough day or a child asking you the same question over and over while passing out on the floor kicking and screaming that will make you break through any boundary. How does a mom keep her boundaries intact? By knowing how you want to feel and why you set the boundary in the first place. When you are clear about your boundary endgame, you make sure that the boundary is clear, that you are consistent in applying it and that you are compassionate when you need to redirect others to stay on track.
Having these three pieces in place even before you start thinking of spa days will help the spa days come faster. When you are clear on your feelings, your schedules, and your boundaries, you will find that life opens up to you and that you have time to do things that you never thought possible.

Share in the comments below which self-care foundation you are going to get started with first. If you need some extra support and are ready to learn more, join the Supermoms Guide to Self-Care Facebook Community.  There you will find a growing community of moms like you that are working toward packing away the excuses and creating ways to take time for them.
Join the Supermoms Guide to Self-Care Facebook Community today!
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Until next time

Peace Love + Recovery

Amber Louchart
Author: Amber Louchart

Amber is the proud mother to four beautiful children, Damian (27), Rosaleigh (14), Carlyn (11), and Naomi (8). Her family also includes four cats. She loves being a stay-at-home mom and feels blessed to be able to care for her children full-time and provide them with so many opportunities through Metro Detroit Mommy. In addition to Metro Detroit Mommy, Amber has a passion for hosting karaoke with Malibu Entertainment.  She enjoys the metro Detroit nightlife especially, singing, dancing and meeting new people.