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Burger King: Sterling Heights – Van Dyke South of 18 Mile

We stopped by the Burger King on Van Dyke, just south of 18 mile, in Sterling Heights today to let the kids have a change to play.  We arrived at 10 a.m.

The play area consists of a small play structure with staggered, netted step entrance, 2 levels of tunnels and a slide that bends.  There is picnic table seating affixed to the floor.  A beautiful mural sits above the glass windows as you look into the main part of the building.  The play area is also equipped with a television that was set to Cartoon Network for the duration of our visit.  There is no restroom in the play area.

While the tables and floor in the dining part of the play area were clean, the actual play structure could use some cleaning.  I rubbed a baby wipe along the first step of the play structure and easily removed a thin layer of dirt.  The plastic is worn and fingerprints were visible in the windowed area of the structure.  Small piece of debris lay on the steps and there was a paper ball under the steps.

Burger King recommends this structure for children ages 4 to 10, but Rosa and Evan navigated it quite easily at ages 2 and 2.5.

Finally, if you visit Burger King and order a drink, the small is not $1.00, you have to ask for the dollar sized drink, otherwise you will be charged $1.60.  Sneaky Sneaky BK…