Bat Zone in Pontiac: Organization for Bat Conservation – #SaveTheBats


When I heard that the Bat Zone was getting a new home, I was so thrilled for the Organization for Bat Conservation which is home to more than 250 animals.  All of the residents have been either rescued or born in captivity, and none of them can be released back into the wild.

The Bat Zone is located minutes from I-75 in downtown Pontiac on Huron Street between Pine Street and Woodward Ave (business 75 south).  FREE parking is available on the north side of the road, right across the street from the sanctuary.

Admission is just $7 per person for ages 2 and up and includes an up close and personal tour with a trained education specialist who will show you bats from around the world, Moe (the two-toed sloth) and if you are lucky you might get to meet the skunks.

At the time of publications the Bat Zone hours for tours are:

Friday – 5 PM to 9 PM
Saturday – 10 AM to 5 PM
Sunday – 12 PM to 4 PM
School and group visits can be scheduled by calling:  (248) 294-7370

The Bat Zone is home to the common vampire bat, big brown bat, dog-faced fruit bat, Egyptian fruit bat and many others from all over the world.  
This Big Brown Bat is not really all that “big”. 
There is a lot of education jammed packed into the tour.  Our trained education specialist was Ian who is amazing.  Very entertaining, knowledgeable and he has a great upbeat and lively personality that makes the tour even more interesting.  

Did you know that baby bats are born about 1/3 the weight of an adult bat?  For humans that would be like giving birth to about a 40-pound baby.  OH MY!  Some bats carry their baby (and sometimes babies) where ever they go.

Bats in Michigan are great at eating mosquitoes and bugs, especially those bugs that may damage crops. So, you may be interested in building or buying a bat house so you can reap the benefits of these beautiful creatures.  A bat box like the one below can house up to 100 bats.  
If the furry cuteness doesn’t overwhelm you, I’m sure that Moe, the two-toed sloth, will be very entertaining at the very least.  He’s a character and stole the show, begging Ian for grapes.  In the same enclosure as Moe are two skunks as well.  They are not able to spray, so no worries.  Just enjoy as they hobble around looking for food.  

 After the tour, you can sign up to sponsor an animal at Bat Zone or purchase items at the gift shop such as clothing, stuffed animals or a bat house all to support the Organization for Bat Conservation.

Overall we had a fantastic time and even though this was our second tour, we still learned a ton of new information.

A great book to read before your visit would be Stellaluna (affiliate link)

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Amber Louchart

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