Underwater Quest at Legoland

My family received free admission to Legoland Discovery Center in exchange for an article featuring their new Underwater Quest exhibit.

We got to Legoland around 11am on a Saturday morning.  There were no lines to get in and just a short wait to get our pictures taken in front of the green screen.  The center was not crowded at all and we were able to hop on both of the rides without waiting more than 3 minutes. After doing the two rides, we headed to the Underwater Quest room (It used to be the Ninjago room).  There were two main areas in the room, and even though the center wasn’t overly crowded, this was a popular room.
The middle (and most popular) area had two interactive screens showing builders how to construct various sea creatures. There were buckets of bricks and plates to build on. The screens were occupied when we were there and my kids did not have the patience to wait for them to be available. They did enjoy the projected sea creatures on the table though.



In another area of the room, there were buckets of bricks and benches to sit on. There were a couple of cute photo opportunities in the room, but overall, the exhibit didn’t keep my kids’ attention very long. My kids are also not huge LEGO builders, and they tend to enjoy the rides, play structure, and 4-D movie the best whenever we visit Legoland.


These two were very excited the 4D Movie was no longer Chima (We have seen that one the last 3 times were were there!) At this visit it was the LEGO Movie, but the pamphlet they gave me when we entered says Ninjago 4D is coming in 2018.  We will have to go back before the end of the year to make sure we see that one too!
Our final stop was the play structure.  It always amazes me how my kids can be tired and hungry, but allow them access to a play structure and they are ready to play! I let them climb and explore for a bit while I chilled on a bench.
It was a great visit to Legoland Discovery Center.  If you want to check them out, they are open
Monday-Thursday 10-7 (Last entry at 5pm)
Friday-Saturday 10-9 (Last entry at 7pm)
Sunday 11-6 (Last entry at 4pm)


Julie McKeeman

Julie is first and foremost a mom of two amazing kiddos, Elliott and Bennett. She is married to her beautiful wife, Betsy, and is an elementary school librarian.

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