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Dana Lange

Back to School – Give Your Big Kids A Boost!

Can you hear that?  …Cash registers ringing with the sales of new lunch boxes, folders, and endless boxes of pencils? …Parents desperately trying (and mostly failing) to get their children back into a bedtime routine? …Children begging for just one more trip to the beach in a frantic attempt at fitting in more summer activities? Ah, yes.  The sounds of… 

Car Seat Safety: Rear Facing – the hows & whys

As a Child Passenger Safety Technician I am a huge advocate for keeping kids rear-facing as long as possible.  Not only is it safer (500% safer!) and often more comfortable for kids, it also prevents the dreaded tantrum-induced seatback kickboxing sessions to which toddlers are so prone. I’ve been doing seat checks for almost 2 years and the number 1… 

Meet Dana Lange – Our Newest Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger & CPST

Hello, Metro Detroit Mommy readers! My name is Dana Lange, I’m a CPST and mom of two. I’ve been passionate about car seat safety since shortly after my first child was born in 2008 and officially became certified as a tech in 2014 when my youngest was 2. Since then I’ve become trained in special needs seats. I offer private…