Is My Teen Too Young for a Nose Job?

A nose job, also known as rhinoplasty, is plastic surgery procedure. It is done to correct and reconstruct the form and functions of a nose. This procedure can also be done to enhance the nose by removing nasal trauma aesthetically.

Examples of nasal trauma include:
• Blunt trauma is when a hard object hits your nose, leaving it broken or disfigured
• Penetrating trauma occurs when a sharp object pierces the skin, enters the nose tissues, and leaves an open wound. The penetrating object can remain stuck in the tissues, get out the way it got in, or exit from another area.
• A blast injury is a result of direct or indirect exposure to an explosion in a confined space.
Most people wonder whether young people or teenagers are old enough to get a nose job. This article will help you get the answer to that question.

What is the Right Age to Undergo a Nose Job?
Various factors should be considered when thinking of rhinoplasty for a teenager. These aspects are different for everyone because all human beings differ significantly from each other. In other words, it is advisable to consider an individual rather than go with an already conducted survey.

Physical Maturity
The human body starts developing and forming itself while in the womb until early or late puberty. Growth hormones are different so you might find a twelve-year-old whose features have fully grown, or a sixteen-year-old whose face is still shaping up.
If you want your teenager to undergo a nose job, have a specialist assess her development before you can make the final decision. Another way that most doctors use to determine whether a teen is physically ready for rhinoplasty is comparing their height to that of their parents. If the teenager is as tall as their tallest parent, then their bodies are considered to be fully grown. Performing this procedure on a young adult who is still developing has adverse consequences. Care has to be taken during such surgeries so as to preserve as many structural supports as possible.

Significant Consequences of a Nose Job on a Teen whose Growth has not Stabilized
If a teen’s nose is yet to grow fully, a rhinoplasty can alter its appearance in a way that is not desirable. This usually happens due to nasal changes during the surgery or healing process. Such results can be hard to alter and may require several operations before the nose’s shape can be considered normal again. It also means you will have to spend more money than you initially intended due to a decision that could have been postponed to a much later date.
Another negative result of having a teen undergo a nose job is it can disrupt facial growth. The nose is usually connected to other parts of the face such as the cheeks, teeth, and forehead. A plastic surgery procedure like this can interfere with the formation of gums, teeth, and cheekbones. Your teenager’s teeth may end up being misaligned, a problem that will require a specialist and a lot of resources to treat. The cheekbones may also flatten, leaving one with a disfigured or strange-looking face.

Emotional Maturity
A person’s emotions have the ability to build or destroy him or her. It all depends on what you feed your brains when reading, drawing, watching, or thinking. For one to be considered mature enough emotionally, they have to be able to make rational decisions without letting feelings get in the way. Emotional maturity also means being at peace with your surrounding and appearance without criticizing yourself or those around you.
A teenager is considered to be emotionally mature if they are interested in having such a procedure done, and they are not doing it just because their parents want them to. Most parts of such a surgery are irreversible, so the young adult must also understand the significance and consequences of their decision.
The nose is located at the center of the face, so they must be psychologically prepared for the fact that their appearance will change forever. Most teenagers who have undergone rhinoplasty have later indicated that they are pleased and satisfied with the results, so you need not worry if your teen is qualified to do it.
If you, however, notice that your teen daughter or son seems to be questioning their decision or keeps asking questions like ” What if the procedure goes wrong?” discourage them from doing it until later when they are more comfortable. Talk to them and make them understand that it is a critical decision, so they should take as long as they like to figure out what they want.

What to Do after Deciding on the Nose Job Procedure
Once you have discussed the matter at hand with a specialist and it has been decided that your teenage son or daughter is ready for the procedure, the next step is selecting a surgeon who will carry it out properly. Several factors have to be considered here.

The doctor must have sufficient experience with this type of procedure. This not only applies to fully developed adults but teenagers as well. A lot of care has to be taken not to interfere with any structures that may hinder the development of the nose and other features.

The chosen specialist must live within proximity or must be readily accessible. After the operation, regular checkups may be necessary to determine how the healing process is going and whether the young adult is getting the desired results. This can only be possible if the surgeon can be available whenever he or she is needed.

Andrew Jacono, MD FACS is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon practicing in New York City. Dr. Jacono has made frequent appearances on Oprah’s Face to Face and Discovery Fit & Health. This is in addition to maintaining his busy private practices, serving on the boards of various philanthropic and charitable organizations.

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