Dancing for Birth at Nature’s Playhouse – A Review

As a mother of three kids, it’s incredibly difficult to find time for myself. When I was invited to attend Dancing for Birth at Nature’s Playhouse in Ferndale, I couldn’t have been more excited. First, I love dancing. I’m not picky about what kind of dance. Dancing always puts a smile on my face. It lets you get loose and have fun for one simple hour of a life constantly on the go. The second piece to my excitement was that I knew I didn’t have to find a sitter for my kids. Finding a sitter complicates everything. I usually just cart my kids along with me and this was one place I knew that they would enjoy as much as I would.

We woke up bright and early, loaded up the car and headed on our way. Despite the dreary rainy day and the long drive, we all walked in ready for some fun to a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. The kids stripped off their boots and coats and promptly headed to play tea party with their new friends while I took in the beautiful women, either mom’s or mom’s to be, sitting in a circle with me. We started by pulling intention cards and talking about what they meant to us. The instructor, Juliana, was so relaxed and welcoming that starting out with an activity that could quickly feel cheesy and uncomfortable was neither. Warm up was a combination of yoga and dance movement. We stayed in the circle for the entire class and enjoyed dancing styles that ranged from belly dancing to merengue. Although Dancing for Birth is what I would consider a curriculum type class it was clear that the teacher was a dancer because it wasn’t just about completing a routine and moving on to the next. It was more about enjoying the movement, embracing the fun and loving your body and your baby.

So why choose Dancing for Birth? According to their website, www.dancingforbirth.com is the “trifecta” for birth. It includes gentle and fun fitness, birthing education and celebrates all stages of motherhood. It also supports maternal and fetal health through a variety of ways including healthy movement for mom and supportive positioning movement for baby. Being that I’m super passionate about babywearing I also adore that they not only allow but encourage moms to continue to attend post-partum and babywear. It’s a great way to ease back into moving your body while also letting it heal. It also offers mom’s continued community support and aides in baby’s development! Juliana didn’t make any of the mom’s feel rushed before or after the class and listened to them with open ears and a kind heart. It was clear that she had developed a relationship with both moms and babies in the process of offering this great class.

I enjoyed watching each participant bloom during the class. Some started the class a little closed off, maybe hesitant, slightly uncomfortable because let’s be honest, how many people are really that comfortable dancing in front of strangers while having to look them in the eye? Once you added in the fun colors, sounds of the hip scarves, the silly names for some of the movements like “mother’s milk-shake” and the no-judgment and welcoming atmosphere you have a recipe for some relaxed and happy mama’s leaving with a smile on their face and warmth in their heart. Interested in attending a class? It’s held every Saturday from 10am-11am and passes can be purchased for an individual class or a punch card. While this is a class geared toward the pregnant mama they are welcoming of all stages of parenting and I wouldn’t even think about hesitating to join the class again!
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