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Bug Themed Yoga Poses and Snack Idea!
Bug Themed Yoga Poses and Snack Idea!

Are you looking for something different and fun to do with your kids this summer? If so, check out this recipe and bug themed movement activities.

3 Ways to Support Those Celebrating Ramadan
3 Ways to Support Those Celebrating Ramadan

“Ramadan is the time for family” and together, with our loved ones, we share meals, practice patience, recite the Holy Quran, pray, reflect, and give back. Read about how to support friends, family, co-workers and others in their observance of Ramadan.

Get Outside and Play!

When I was a little girl, I had a delightful childhood. I was fortunate to live on a dead-end dirt road where I could spend the entire day exploring and playing; I suppose you could have called me a free-range child. With local neighborhood friends, I built forts in the...

5 Day Summer Fun Challenge!

There is still time for summer fun!  Do you feel overwhelmed with what to do with your child over summer break? Do you often put your child in front of the television, give them a tablet to play with, or even worse give your child boring coloring worksheets to complete?...

5 Ways to Keep Kids Safe This Summer!

Dust off your grill and grab your swimsuits, because the lazy days of summer are here!    The Seattle Children’s Research Institute found that almost 50% of preschool-aged children do not spend even just one session of outdoor play each day.   Outdoor play is linked to better mental and physical...

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