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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Detroit Pistons to offer 50 kids unique gameday experience

  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and the Detroit Pistons have teamed up to offer 50 Michigan kids a once-in-a-lifetime experience at Little Caesars Arena on Sunday, Mar. 10. The Pistons Kids Day sweepstakes, running through Thursday, Feb. 28, will give select children ages 8-12 a chance to go...

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Avoid Winter Workout Woes with These Safety Tips

  Michigan winters mean snow, ice, freezing temperatures and darker days. Even though staying active during these conditions may not seem ideal, there are many health benefits, both physical and mental, to working out during the winter months. Of course, adding snow and ice to a workout routine presents additional challenges and health...

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Michigan January Bucket List: 10 Healthy Ideas to Make the Most of the New Year

If you live in Michigan, your feelings about January probably depend on whether you love or hate the snow. Snow bunny or hermit, there’s plenty of ways for you to embrace this month and start the year off on a positive note. If you’re making resolutions, make sure they’re achievable. Finding...

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Your Holiday Budget Game Plan

A recent survey found that 82 percent of adults in the U.S. find holiday spending stressful. Holiday parties, gift-giving, and the urge to vacation all add up to a less-than-happy bank account. Financial stress can take the joy out of the holiday season, but there are some small steps you can take...

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How to Practice Gratitude

How often do you reflect on and give thanks for everything that is good in your life? Turns out, taking the time to practice gratitude not only feels great, it’s actually beneficial to your overall health. Research shows people who have a grateful outlook experience a wide range of health...

Fighting Breast Cancer With Food

It’s been said before, but the simple truth is that a well-balanced diet is instrumental to long-term health. Though healthy eating cannot completely prevent every kind of disease and illness, it certainly goes a long way in reducing the risk of many ailments, including breast cancer. The American Cancer Society recommends eating...

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