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Nature’s Playhouse Moves to a New Location on Livernois

Ferndale Nature's Playhouse

Nature’s Playhouse, an-all natural play space and wellness center for children and their families, moved this year to a new location in Ferndale just down the road on Livernois.

What Does Nature’s Playhouse Offer?

This facility is an all-natural play space and wellness centering offering families and expecting couples a place to connect with their peers in the community. They offer counseling services, fitness classes, drop in play, as well as body work services.   They are also home to a number of free support groups for breastfeeding, postpartum, and baby-wearing, and host a variety of workshops and special events emphasizing family wellness. 

The Natural Play Space

This space is specifically designed for a calm, relaxed and fun experience. They incorporate natural and recycled toys into their play space to minimize the effect on the environment.  Most of the items in the room are made of natural fibers or wood.

The wooden toys also provide for open-ended and versitile play which allow children to create their own ways of playing. Additionally, this allows for the child to play in a more creative way. Wooden toys have the added benefit of giving children more opportunities for problem-solving. Finally, wooden toys encourage children to interact and collaborate with others.

Why We LOVE Nature’s Playhouse

We love the calm play space and that they offer mothers and mothers-to-be a wide variety of activities, groups, learning opportunities and is a fantastic community resource for parents.  From Stroller Workouts to Baby Wearing support groups to Play with Me Yoga, this business is a great resource for parents that want to get back to the basics. 

Connect with Nature’s Playhouse

Nature’s Playhouse is now located at:
777 Livernois St Ferndale, MI  48220
Phone: 248.955.3219

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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Amber Louchart
Author: Amber Louchart

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