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Healthy Tuna Melt – Under 300 calories

Here’s a tasty recipe for a tuna melt that is less than 300 calories.  It is easy to make and rather filling.


4 tortilla wraps (I used Ole Spinach & Herb at 50 calories each)

1 can of tuna in water

1 ounce of cheddar cheese shredded
1 ounce of Munster Cheese shredded
1 cup of chopped spinach


Combine tuna, cheddar, Munster and spinach in a bowl.

Place one tortilla in a frying pan (you can spray the tortilla if you like, but this adds calories)
add half of the mixture on top of the tortilla
Place a 2nd tortilla on top of the first.
Cook on medium low until the cheese starts to melt
Flip and cook until the tortilla is hot (begins to get firm)

Repeat with the 3rd and 4th tortillas.
Makes 2 servings