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12 Days of Fitmas

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger

This time of year is difficult to just maintain our health.  So many parties, chances to over-eat and so much to do, leaving less time to fit in exercise.  Here are 12 ways you can keep things on track and not de-rail by January!

1. Keep the 80/20 rule; eat well 80% of the time, the other 20% enjoy yourself and those special treats you only get this time of year.  Keeping a food log can also be helpful so you can visually see how you are doing.  Try out an app like MyFitnessPal or FitDay. 

2. No excusing yourself- get out and get active 5 days a week.  There are 10 minute workouts you can do with simple exercises you can fit in on the busiest of days.  Even while you are watching TV you can do crunches, lunges, squats etc.

3. Grab a friend.  Don’t limit celebrations to eating, why not grab a friend and go for a run or a walk.  Yoga or pilates at the house is more fun with a buddy.  You can hang out and chat afterwards.

4. Don’t skip meals.  Sounds like a good idea to skip a meal so you can splurge on another, but it always backfires.  If you’re going out to dinner, eating lightly earlier in the day is fine, just don’t skip, you don’t need to be starving.

5. Look at your scale.  Don’t be in denial, get on that scale once or twice a week to know where you stand.  Unfortunately calories count the same in December as they do the rest of the year.

6.  Be prepared.  Food prep and planning is key.  Cut up your fruits and veggies; makes for easy, healthy snacks you can grab on the go.  You can also incorporate other short cuts like boiling a half dozen eggs at a time for fast breakfasts and always keep nuts in your car for when you are out shopping and get hungry.  

7.  Wear your skinny jeans out.  You will know when you are full and be less likely to stuff yourself.

8. Try new recipes.  With Pinterest there is open access to new recipes you can find for old favorites- especially healthier versions.

9. Participate in a fitness challenge.  There are a lot of different challenges you can try- burpee, squats, sit ups, push ups, crunches etc.  These can take as little as a few minutes a day, every minute adds up!

10. Enjoy some wine.  Skip the sugary cocktails with 40+ grams of sugar.  Wine won’t leave you bloated the next morning either. 

11. Enjoy a serving of treats!  It’s the holidays, there’s no reason you can’t indulge, but as said in rule #1, watch your portions.  A couple of cookies or candy is fine, a whole plate of cookies and dessert is not.

12. Keep celebrations to one day.  Ok, we all know that there are several
days of celebrations through out December, but keep it to that number. 
Just because you are going out Fri, Sat and say Wed. of one week,
doesn’t mean the four other days you get a free pass.


13. Find a new fitness program or class to join in 2016!  Why not switch things up and try something new.  Get the family involved or a friend to join you.

Happy Holidays!!

Theresa W
Author: Theresa W

Theresa is a wife and stay at home mother of 2 boys, David (13) and Aiden (10). Her hobbies include traveling, reading, running, cooking and volunteering at MI Humane Society with the adoptable cats. She also spends her free time serving as PTO President at her son's elementary school. She enjoys being active and is proud to have completed 4 marathons. She loves to share her passion for health and fitness with others.