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What Mom Really Wants for Christmas

A gift guide for those who have no idea what to buy for their mothers, wives, sisters, girlfriends or others.

Here’s the thing, we know shopping off a list is the fail proof way to get your loved one something they actually want or need, HOWEVER, sometimes when you have to ask for a list, the element of surprise is lost and the effort seems to be at a minimum. Instead, let me help you out. Here’s some stuff she wants, but won’t get, or plan, for herself. 

1. Mani/Pedi…between diapers, laundry, kids, dishes, and work, her feet and hands are ruined (possibly forever)….make them soft and pretty for at least 2 weeks! If scheduling one at her favorite salon is not an option, you could try to do it yourself for her, but we all know the professionals do it better. My personal favorite place for the best pedicure is EcoNails

2. Massage…60 minutes of pure relaxation. The quiet alone time is worth the cost. Moms are in a constant state of sensory overload most times. This appointment can bring peace to a hectic time.

3. An empty house for 24-72 hours. NO LESS. but longer would be cool. Take the kids out of the house. Anywhere. When was the last time she was alone in the house to do whatever she wants.

4. A planned weekend with her friends. Fancy hotel, ALL plans pre-made, kids arranged, concert/play/movie/event tickets bought. Have you heard of decision fatigue? We answer millions of questions every day. We plan the meals. We organize the birthday parties. Take one for the team and plan a whole weekend so she doesn’t have to make a single decision.

5. A cleaning company to come and do even just ONE deep clean of the house. We know about the dust bunnies. We’ve named them. They’re not going anywhere unless we have hired help.

6. An upgrade to her engagement/wedding set. a new wrap, added stones, whatever suits her.

7. Concert tickets w backstage passes. Sitter (or lets face it, grandma) booked. Hotel overnight a bonus, Check out the great deals for upcoming Broadway in Detroit shows.

8. Get her car detailed. There are more Cheerios under those car seats than aisle 7 of Walmart.

9. Facials/Massages/Hair appointments PRE-BOOKED for as many months as you can afford without getting a second mortgage. (Bonus points if you work them nicely into her schedule and make arrangements for where the kids will be.

10. Dish duty (laundry duty/kids bath duty/grocery duty/ meal planning duty/that thing she HATES TO DO duty) for one. whole. month. don’t just make a cute coupon, hide it in a drawer, and then weasel out of the work. STICK TO IT.

11. Gift cards for a girls night out. (Besties notified and booked!)

12. A weekend, with you, in “the big city”. Plans made. Sitters booked. Check out MotorCity Casino Hotel, they offer full spa services at the D.Tour Spa.  See our review here.

13. A local hotel room booked for her for a whole night (or two!)….ALONE! set up the room before she gets there. Have the hotel remove the alarm clock.

14. “That incredibly pointless but so pretty thing she drools over in a magazine but won’t ever ever ever purchase.

15. Jewelry. duh. and so help me if you buy her something in the shape of a butterfly or heart, or that changes her finger colors, may your willie turn green out of sympathy.

16. Designate a “Moms day” for a whole year. “Sundays you leave the house, and you don’t look back, and I won’t call you when you’re 3 minutes down the road asking where we keep the milk.”

17. Think about the one thing shes vented about multiple times in the last month. Now figure out how to make it go away for at least a week.

18. Puzzles/games/activities to do together. If you plan it, we will have fun and enjoy it.

19. You know that chore that she’s been nagging you about?  The one you never have “time” to do, do that.  If it only takes a couple of minutes {shame on you} do another {or a few more}.  

20. Get the kids to make a sentimental gift. A book all about mom, anything with handprints…something thoughtful. Plan it.. Execute it. Clean it all up.

There. Now go. Don’t tell her where you got the idea.

Julie McKeeman
Author: Julie McKeeman

Julie is first and foremost a mom of two amazing kiddos, Elliott and Bennett. She is an elementary school librarian whose passion is to create safe spaces for all children.