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Ways to Keep Your House Clean with Pets

A pet can be a great addition to a home. It’s sort of like having another child on board there’s more feeding, bathing, and cleaning. Even with just children in the house, cleaning can be a challenge and things don’t get easier once a pet is added to the family. You may or may not be amazed by the mess pets can create in a matter of seconds (just like the kids!). 

Here are 5 tips to help.

1. Vacuum Cleaner

Of course, vacuums are great at picking up dust and pet dander, but you really have no idea how much hair your pet sheds every day! Just take a close look whenever it gets up from a long nap. 

Pet hair is so fine and hard to see that there’s no possible way to pick them by hand, but a vacuum can pick it up with ease.  Sometimes, carpeted stairs can add a little difficulty if you have a bulky vacuum though. Click the link to find recommendations on on best pet hair vacuums for stairs.

2. Upgrade your Sofa

Pets can smell.  No matter how often you bathe them, whether they are hypoallergenic or not, its inevitable. And then the shedding…so sometimes preventative care is the best way to go.  Having a leather or faux leather couch can help with cleaning up not only after your pets, but after your littles too! Its easily wipe-able and doesn’t absorb the smells.

3. Self Scooping Litter Box

We can train our pets to use the litter box but we can’t get them to clean it up. No matter how much we love our pets, this is still something most of us can never enjoy doing. You don’t have to do this smelly job now with these self-scooping litter boxes, like the Litter-Bot. All you need is electricity or batteries to run the gadget on its own.

4. Regular Brushing

If you’re facing a furry catastrophe or looking to simply avoid it, then brushing is a simple and effective countermeasure. Take your furry friend outside and brush your pet’s coat daily; slowly and thoroughly. Doing this will prevent fur from building up in your home and stop any impeding furry avalanche and even debris accumulation in the coat.

5. What Dog Loves to Take Baths? A Shampoodle

Bathing your pet can have a noticeable impact inside your home. Pets rub against everything inside and outside the house.  You’ll start noticing patches of dirt or mud in your doorways, on the floor and walls. Regular baths can stop a muddy invasion from taking place in your home.