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Give the Gift of Swimming

Experience gifts are all the rage right now. I know in my house we definitely do not need any more toys or “stuff” to add to the clutter. So when friends or family ask what to give my children, I always suggest experiences, memberships, or lessons. There are so many great reasons why swimming lessons are the perfect gift! Swimming… 

Giveaway: Summer Fun, Facts, and Fantastic Adventures – National Geographic Kids

Gearing up for summer, National Geographic Kids has put together this amazing summer collection that is all about fun, facts, and fantastic adventures. These books are great for trips in the car, rainy days, you could even add them to your bedtime reading routine. These boredom-busting, brain-boosting titles will keep your kids reading through summer and are packed with knowledge.

It’s Candida, not Canada! Yeast Overgrowth is Something YOU Need to Know About

It’s something a lot of people probably have never heard of, let alone know how harmful it can be to the body – Candida. While it sounds our neighbor to the north, Candida is a common problem that needs waaaaaaaaay more awareness. Candida, which can be spread sexually and via common living spaces, is a genus of yeasts that is…