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Virtual Reality Introduced To Michigan Senior Living Community

Senior living communities offer a plethora of perks: there’s no work to do, no food to prepare, and no stress to manage; it can be surprising to know that nine out of 10 Americans want to stay at home for as long as possible when such an easy life is waiting in a community full of peers their own age. American House, a senior living facility in Michigan, has gone the extra mile in convincing their residents of the benefits — and fun — of senior living by introducing them to virtual reality.

“The virtual reality event was a fabulous experience for American House residents, integrating the use of technology and allowing our residents to enjoy once in a lifetime opportunities,” said Karyl Smith, community relations director at American House Riverview. The community had partnered with a nationwide virtual reality rental company called Offering such advanced technology to people above the age of 60 may not seem like the most obvious decision, but the residents had the time of their lives! Two residents, Earl and Sue, recounted their experiences with near childlike joy, stating that they “really liked it” and that it was “realistic, exciting, and fun”.

Virtual reality allows seniors to experience activities and adventures that many can no longer participate in within the real world, such as scuba diving, race car driving, or even flying with the Blue Angels. It’s addition created a new level of engagement and enrichment for those living in American House.

“Many of the participants were excited and animated in explaining what they saw and heard while wearing the headsets, and they have requested a repeat of the event so they can explore some of the other experiences have to offer.”

The addition of VR makes senior living all the better when you consider everything else the community offers. With meals fully prepared and laundry and cleaning completed with no thought or worry, many residents get to be reminded of what it’s like to be taken care of. Think about the drudgery of daily life: even something as routine as putting in an air conditioner at the start of the summer becomes near impossible for older adults, not to mention the yearly maintenance that they require — around 42% of homeowners need to call a professional to perform this task, but in an assisted living community, don’t sweat it! Managers exist to do the work so you don’t even have to think about it, let alone take care of it yourself.

When it comes to truly unsavory jobs, such as hiring a pest control company because you’ve discovered your home is infested with bed bugs (which 68% of workers say is the worst pest to find in your house), you’ll never need to lift a finger. Senior living communities are as at-risk for bed bugs as any other building where human beings congregate, but because they are so well maintained and regularly cleaned, the chances of encountering such an invasion is significantly lower. Even if you do find the irritating intruders, all you need to do is notify an employee and it will be taken care of immediately; you can get right back to your virtual reality with no more interruptions!

Amber Louchart
Author: Amber Louchart

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