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Sweetgrass Golf Course: Upper Peninsula Adventures

Psst, I have a secret. I am about to be 47 years old. Before our visit to Sweetgrass Golf Course last month, I have never in my life had I been golfing. I have a feeling that we may have set the bar rather high with my first experience here. It was amazing. Island Resorts & Casino hosted us during our stay to facilitate this article. All opinons are my own. Your experience may vary.

the landscaping is amazing

Just a few miles east of Escanaba, Michigan lies Island Resort & Casino. It’s the perfect vacation destination for those who love to gamble, golf, or enjoy a spa getaway. Nature enthusiasts will love the plethora of State Parks within the area, including the amazing Pictured Rocks, and Kitch-iti-kipi. History buffs will love the nearby Fayette State Park.

The Sweetgrass Golf Course

Sweetgrass is a 18 holes golf course with four levels of difficulties in order to accommodate a wide range of abilities. Easier courses start at par 3 with the shortest distance of 107 feet from tee to pin. In contrast, the most difficult par 5 hole will challenge players with a 630-foot distance.

Both the front and back nine feature two par threes, five par fours as well as two par fives. Despite the rain, the fairways and greens were firm and very well maintained. You absolutely don’t want to miss the famous island green at hole No. 15. This was one of the few holes I won against my hubby, who has been playing golf recreationally for years.

Sweetgrass Golf Course Island

Golfers will love how Sweetgrass has incorporated modern technology into this centuries-old game. Visitors will find tablet mounted within each golf cart. These devices indicate your location, which hole you are on as well as par and distance to the pin.

Beyond Golf

In addition to the amazing golf game, players can learn about the rich history of the Hannahville Indian Community on the course. The Sweetgrass holes use names from Potawatomi clans, villages, allies, medicines, and symbols. The course still maintains a high level of dedication to nature and the area’s heritage.

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