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Funtastic Play Center in Woodhaven

Guest Blogger: Love2Bake Funtastic Play Center in Woodhaven is an indoor play center for children up to the age of 8 years old. Funtastic Play Center offers two different types of play areas. There is a two-level play area with a zip line, monkey bars, rock climbing wall, three very fast slides, a foam forest, just to name a few.  This kept my boys (ages 7 & 4) very busy.  They had a blast flying across the zip line, climbing to the upper level, and then zooming down the slide.

Also available is a smaller, soft structure designed for younger kids. They could climb up, scuffle across a bridge and take a small slide down or crawl down a ramp.  The main play area was filled with various sized soft play blocks.  On our visit, kids were building forts with the large play blocks and then knocking them down. There is also the Toddler Pond designed to keep the small kids safe.

After all that play, the boys needed to quench their thirst. The Fundabidozi Café offers a huge range of snacks (fruit, Danish, crackers, etc.), lunch options (mac n cheese, hot dogs, sandwiches, etc), and drinks (juice boxes/pouches, coffee, soda, etc). Fountain drinks receive free refills. I thought their Café menu was reasonably priced.

Everything about Funtastic Play Center in Woodhaven was very clean. No shoes are allowed on any of the play equipment, and socks are required.


Something that Funtastic offers that I thought was really great was their all-day admission for no extra cost. So if your little one gets cranky and needs to take a nap, you can leave for a couple hours and come back after a rest. Admission is $8 per child or $4 for children that only crawl.  Funtastic also has private parties available.

My oldest exclaimed, “This is the best play place ever!”  Yup, we’ll be going back.

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