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5 Things to Look for in a Family Home

When looking for your first family home, you will want something that adapts to your lifestyle. There are key features that are important to you which you cannot compromise due to your family dynamics. Here are some essential things to consider when you’re looking for your first family home.


Location is critical when it comes to selecting a home. You want a place where you can easily access school, work, shopping centers, and your friends and families. You will also need to check any recreational facilities within the neighborhood. For instance, the U.S. has about 10.4 million residential swimming pools in local neighborhoods across the country. Check how accessible the home is to main roads and what traffic is like.

Number of Bedrooms

Every family has different needs when it comes to bedrooms. Start with your current needs. Will each of your kids have their own room or will they share of room? Do you plan to grow your family? It’s also a good idea to consider whether you’d like to have a guest bedroom or home office.

The Cost

Whether you are buying or renting a home, you need to consider the cost and estimated budget. Real estate can be costly. The average sales price for condos in Manhattan, for instance, is $1.9 million. Have a budget and stick to it as it gives you some control over your spending. Start by examining your income, debt, and spending habits. You may find that to get that family home will you need to cut down your spending. If you are buying a home, you will probably be taking a loan. How do you plan on paying it? Is your monthly income enough to cover daily expenses while servicing the loan? These are the things you have to consider when choosing to buy a house.

The Kitchen Layout

A kitchen is an important aspect of the home. Friends and family members gather in the kitchen to eat and hang out. It may serve as the center of entertainment, making its size and layout necessary to have in mind. A family that enjoys cooking and entertaining guests will want an open layout for your kitchen.

Number of Bathrooms

How many bathrooms are likely to suit your family’s needs? It is common for older homes to have only one bathroom, and most buyers will look for ways to add others. Newer homes typically two or more. Do members of your family need a more accessible bathroom? Do you prefer a guest bathroom alongside a full bath? Ensure that the number of bathrooms can comfortably cater to the needs of all your family members.

When looking for a family home, you should have a list of important things you are looking for. This helps in narrowing down your search. Considering that about 1.2 million homes are built every year, you have a large scope to find something suitable. Talk to a realtor about your needs so they can help you find something that complements your budget and needs.

Kelsey R.
Author: Kelsey R.

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