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3 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Child’s Hair

It’s no secret that hair care is important, but taking care of your child’s hair can feel like a whole different ball game from taking care of your own. The good news is that, through trial and error, you can help to establish a healthy hair care routine for your kids. Here are a few tips you can use to help create healthier hair care habits for your child.

Use the right shampoos and conditioners

Every child’s hair is different and has different needs. Washing your child’s hair too frequently and with the wrong product could potentially cause hair breakage. The average strand of hair grows for about two to six years before naturally falling out, but damage can cause hair strands to become dry, brittle, and fall out more frequently.

To prevent dryness, consider your child’s hair type and tailor their shampoo regimen and products to their needs. Curly or kinky hair ought to be shampooed every seven to 10 days, non-oily straight to wavy hair ought to be shampooed once or twice a week, and oily straight hair ought to be shampooed about every other day. Check the instructions on the back of shampoos and conditioners to see which hair types they work best on.

Use heat protectant sprays

Straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers can each cause damage to your hair over time. This is because heat can make your hair dry and brittle. It can even sometimes exaggerate split ends. If you’re using heat on your child’s hair or even your own hair, it’s important to use heat protectant spray to keep the high temperature from causing damage.

When using a blow dryer, consider using attachments like a diffuser to keep the dryer from heating your child’s hair too much in one spot. The hottest temperature a blow dryer can get is 197 degrees. This is because, similar to a heat exchanger, blow dryers use a heating coil to heat the surrounding air. A diffuser disperses the warm air to reduce the risk of damage. It also reduces frizz.

Massage the scalp when washing

Dandriff is common in kids, especially when they begin to wash their hair themselves. This is because it’s important to massage your child’s scalp while washing their hair. Massaging the scalp help to remove dead skin cells and also stimulates hair follicles for healthy growth. Just make sure that you’re massaging the scalp correctly. Avoid using your nails, which can scratch and irritate the scalp. You want to use the ball of your fingertips and make sure all the shampoo is rinsed out of your child’s hair before they get out of the bath.

Dry, flaky, or itchy scalps can sometimes be a sign that shampoo isn’t being completely rinsed out. However, if you’re ever concerned about your child’s itchy scalp, it might be a good idea to see their pediatrician, especially if using different shampoos doesn’t make a difference.

It can be tricky to find a hair care routine that works for your child. But with the right mindset and some trial and error, you can help keep your child’s hair happy and healthy.

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Author: Kelsey R.

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