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More than 40 Jump Rope Games You Can Play

more than 40 jump rope games and activities

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean that we can’t spend time outside. In fact, spending outside daily is healthy for everyone. Here are some fun games to play with your family with just a simple jump rope.

more than 40 jump rope games and activities

Jumping Skills

Children and adults can work on their basic jumping skills.

  • Count how many times you can jump in a row without missing.
  • Have a jump rope contest to see who can jump the most without missing.
  • See who can jump the most times in 60 seconds.
  • See how many times you can jump in a row, and set a goal that is a bit higher and try to reach it.
  • Jump on one foot.
  • Scissor jumps: land with one foot forward, on the next jump switch your feet
  • Jumping Jacks: land with your feet together, then apart, then together again.
  • Criss Cross jumps: land with your feet crossed like an X, then apart, then crossed again
  • Duckie: land with heels apart, toes and knees pointed in; then on next jump, put heels together and toes and knees pointed out
  • Swing: land on one foot and swing the opposite leg out to the side, then switch on next jump
  • Double Jump: try to swing the rope twice when you jump once.
  • Double Hops: jump twice, swing the rope once
  • Butt Kicks: jump rope like you are jogging, alternating your feet. Each jump you try to kick your butt with the heal of the foot not on the ground.
  • High Knees: jump rope like you are jogging, alternating your feet on each jump. Lift your opposing knee up in front of you with each jump.
  • Can Can: two hops on each foot. first hop your opposite foot lifts up, the second hop your opposite foot kicks in front of you a little.
  • Side to side: swing the rope to your left side (jump) of your body, then your right (jump), then normal (jump). Repeat.
  • Cross: Cross your hands every other jump.
  • Jump Backwards: rotate the rope the opposite way.
  • Jump Rope Rhymes – try some fun jump rope rhymes.
  • Play Simon Says while jumping rope
  • Try to land on the rope while jumping

Jump Rope Games

  • Merry Go Round – one person holds the rope and spins in a circle while the other children jump over the rope as it goes by.
  • Snake – one person holds the rope and sways it back and forth while the other person tries to jump over the rope.
  • Over the Rope: two people hold the rope low to the ground while another tried to jump over it. The rope may be raised, however, be sure to jump on a soft surface so no injuries occur.
  • Limbo: use the rope like a limbo bar.
  • Balance Beam – lay the rope on the ground and have the child walk on it like a balance beam.
  • Passing – Have two people turn the rope, one person runs through the rope path without jumping.
  • Long-Distance Jump – set the rope on the ground and use it for a starting line to see how far you can jump.
  • Jump the Creek: Set two ropes on the ground parallel to each other about one foot apart. Each person jumps over the two ropes. Move the ropes apart a little more and repeat. See how far apart the ropes can get while still being about to jump over the ropes.
  • Alphabet – see how many letter shapes you can make with the rope
  • Walk the plank: place two ropes on the ground parallel to one another about four inches apart. Have the child walking inside the two ropes. You can make the space larger or smaller based on ability.
  • Straddle the River: place the ropes on the ground parallel to each other, about one foot apart and have the children walk with one foot on each side of the path, outside of the ropes.
  • Lay the rope on the ground in a straight line then:
    • have the child jump over the rope
    • hop on one foot and jump over the rop
    • hop on one foot along the path of the rope
    • have the child jump back and forth over the rope
    • have the child start at one end and jump over the rope moving toward the other end, repeating the zig-zag pattern until they reach the other end.
  • lay the rope on the ground in a circle then:
    • have your child jump in and out of the circle
    • Have the child kick or throw a ball (or beanbag, or stuffed animal) and try to have it land in the circle
    • Use the circle for home base for tag.
    • Play music and the child walks around the outside of the circle, then when the music stops, the child hops inside the circle.
    • Spread bean bags or other toys about the space. Have the child race to collect the items and place them inside the circle.
  • Wet Jump Rope – dunk a cloth jump rope in a bucket of water, then lay it on cement and drag it to make water patterns.
  • Jump Rope Painting – for the adventurous, dip the jump rope in children’s paint and then allow your child to pull the rope across a large piece of paper, poster board or even a cardboard box.
  • Catch a Ball – Have the child with a handle of the jump rope in each hand and the rope behind them. Place a ball or other object on the ground in front of them. Have them swing the rope like they are ready to jump, but instead, they try to swipe the rope under or around the object.

In addition to playing in your own back yard, you can get outside and take a walk on the paths at a nearby Nature Center.

Amber Louchart
Author: Amber Louchart

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