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Hunts Gymnastics & Sportszone

Hunts Gymnastics & Sportszone is located in Harrison Township right off of I-94.  They offer many different programs including an open play time which we attended a few weeks back.

 The open play time is designed for children aged mobile – 5 years of age.  The first half of the hour session takes place upstairs in the preschool gym.  There are a ton of fun activities for the kids including slides, tunnels, balance beams, a mini trampoline, and more.  Rosa had a ton of fun.  There were a couple of employees there who helped the children along.  This section was super clean and well maintained.   

The second session of the play time took place in the lower gym.  Most of the children enjoyed jumping on the trampoline and trampoline runner.  In addition to the normal gym equipment they had a parachute set up on the gym mats which the children just loved and gave the moms a great arm workout.  

The main gym was in good condition and most sections were clean, however there were a few sections that were very chalky.  After they play was over everyone went upstairs to get their belongings and a sticker and/or hand stamp.  Overall we had a grand time.  If you are in the area, this is a nice gym with very nice employees.  
You may see more images of Hunt’s Gym in our Photo Gallery.