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How Does a Workplace Injury Affect Your Family and Finances?

A single mom who’s been hurt at work may not be surprised to see themselves with more stress in their lives. Likewise, any family member who’s been injured and cannot fulfill their typical responsibilities will also see an impact not only on their own lives but on the family as a whole. Workplace injuries play a devastating role on family members, but employees have 20 days from the date of the accident to notify the employer an injury was sustained. With that in mind, here are three ways a workplace injury may continue to impact your family, and what you as an injured family member can do about it.

Physical Pain Limits Fun Physical Activities

Workplace injuries can stop family members from playing basketball and tennis on the weekend, or even going for their typical morning jog or afternoon swim. Before, during, and after treatment, your injury may make it harder to move your body without intense pain, ultimately forcing you to wait, at least for a while, for a better recovery. The loss of mobility is one reason why a mom or any other employee should take workplace safety so seriously, as you never know how long the injury will leave you unable to move freely. For families, losing out on these physical activities can play a devastating psychological toll, as injured family members feel the grief of not being able to enjoy intense activities they once enjoyed. For now, learn how to talk with your family members about your injury. That way, you’re not hurting too much by missing some of your favorite exercises.

Family Dynamics Might Not Be the Same

The way your family functions may be different depending on the severity of an injury and the length of time expected for a full recovery. If you’re a mom and you’re used to cleaning, someone else in the family may have to step up more often. In the absence of additional help, some families will see current members having to take on unusually high amounts of extra work, both in their professional lives and at home. This impact on family dynamics can leave many family members feeling bewildered, with the injured family member, in particular, feeling guilty as well.

The changing family dynamic may be worse for employees who are immigrants. Consider TRAC Immigration research involving deportation cases of women and children. Only 1.5 percent of cases involving women and children who have established a “credible fear” of returning to a country of origin are successful in making it to the United States. That means an even greater burden for immigrants who may struggle to get compensation following a workplace injury. In the meantime, within the household, you can make sure chores and financial responsibilities are distributed evenly. That way, you won’t have to worry too much about the added stress between family members.

Financial Losses Hurt Single-Parent Households Worse

Your financial freedom prior to getting injured is lost following a workplace injury. That means no extra money for clothes, trips and vacations, toys, household repairs, and emergency health expenses. With only one parent around to work, there is less income to support access to basic needs, forcing many families to seek even more assistance and struggle to get it. But some injuries, like those involving roads, are so devastating that the amount of money needed for medical expenses won’t allow much more money for much else. 94% Of the 2.6 million miles of paved roads in the U.S. are asphalt, which can, unfortunately, cause the kinds of problems that can lead to injuries due to degeneration. If you’re a single mom out of work, you should use as many funds as possible to receive medical treatment for your injury, especially if that injury was severe. You can later take the time to secure a better financial future.

Few experiences are as unfortunate as knowing you won’t have the same financial freedom you had before suffering a workplace injury. But a workplace injury doesn’t have to mean you can’t get on top of your finances. If you’re a single mom or any other family member, you might realize now that while family dynamics might not be the same, talking out financial losses and who will take on more responsibilities can keep your household in order. All you need is a little faith, and you can see that your family can enjoy life despite a workplace injury.

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