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Family Friendly Restaurants in Metro Detroit

Suburbia Mom shares her favorite family friendly restaurants in and around the D.

I chuckle when I think about our first dining experience
with our baby.  He was only a few weeks old
and we were craving sushi.   We went to Take Sushi in Rochester.  Take is not a fancy restaurant but it was
strangely quiet this particular day.  We
feared our baby would wake up and cry so we ate our food as fast as we could.
Needless to say, we made it out without a peep.  Ever since our first dining experience, I ‘ve
become much more confident and worry much less about making noise.    I think many of us would agree that dining
with children can be stressful, but let’s face it, we all need to eat – and in
reality most restaurants are child friendly. 
We all are aware of the typical family friendly restaurants such as
Leo’s Coney Island and the local diner down the road but If you’re like me, you
want good food and beverage, a fun atmosphere, and most importantly – kid
friendly.   Here is a list of my favorite kid friendly
restaurants in and around the D.  Enjoy!

Crispelli’s  (Woodward & 12 Mile)
I love this place for their pizza and vegetarian panini.  The best part is they have two ways to
order.  You can choose to be waited on or
self-serve.  Whichever way you choose;
you know you will have a good meal!
This place has it all! Bring the family and enjoy Sunday
brunch and then some bowling. The atmosphere is uplifting and fun for the
entire family.  Not to mention the food
and drink is out of this world!
Rainforest Café (Auburn Hills)
If you have smaller children, you can’t get more kid
friendly than the Rainforest Café.  It
rains in the jungle and the children love to look at the alligator when you
first enter.    This is located at Great
Lakes Crossing which means mom and dad can do a little shopping also.  Or make a day out of it and go to Sea Life
next door.
Buffalo Wild Wings (Royal Oak)
Who doesn’t love wings!?! Buffalo Wild Wings is super kid
friendly.  We went before Zoo Boo this
year and I think every table had a little goblin seated at it.  It’s located on Main Street so grab a coffee
at Starbucks when you are done and walk downtown.

Red Knapps (Rochester Hills)
Keep it simple and enjoy a burger, fries and malt at Red
Knapps Dairy Bar. This is your old school diner with the best malt around.  Seating is limited so plan to sit at the
diary bar. 
Buddy’s Pizza (Detroit
Made Pizza)
Detroit style pizza! If you haven’t been to Buddy’s now is
the time.  Best known for their square
pizza. Buddy’s is located all around the Metro Detroit area.  To name a few…Detroit, Dearborn, Warren,
Rochester Hills, and Auburn Hills.  
Union Woodshop
They call themselves “Small town BBQ” and they describe
their mac n cheese as “legend”.  This is
worth your drive and your child will beg to return for that mac n cheese.  If you’ve never visited downtown Clarkston,
now is the time!
Who doesn’t like BBQ and better yet who doesn’t like it when
kids eat for free!?! Every Sunday kids eat for free with a purchase of an adult
meal.  Skip having to do dishes on a
Sunday evening and grab dinner out!
(Lake Orion)
Fajitas and tacos on any given night are a hit in my
family.  Sagebrush has a great reputation
for good authentic Mexican cuisine.  If
you’ve eaten here you know you can’t go wrong with Sagebrush for dinner.
Royal Oak Brewery (Royal Oak)
I think this picture says it all!  Yes, Royal Oak Brewery is very family friendly.  Oh and did I mention they have a great beer
Royal Oak Brewery after visiting Arts Beats and Eats. 
Let’s add to this list, please share your 
favorite family friendly restaurants.  
We would love to hear!

Meet Danielle Andresen- Danielle is mom to two young children and is enjoying this parenting journey with her husband Erik.  As a family they enjoy keeping  busy with the many different events happening in and around Detroit.  Whenever Danielle has a moment of solitude, she enjoys writing.  Check out Danielle at Suburbia Mom where she gives you a glimpse of life as a mom living in the suburbs of Detroit.  Also follow her on Twitter @suburia_mom where she shares those random moments during the day as a mom!
Danielle Andresen
Author: Danielle Andresen

Teacher by day, mom and wife both day and night, Danielle is the voice behind Suburbia Mom where she writes about her experiences in and around Detroit.