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Detroit Outpost Kayaking

 Kayak Detroit with tours by the Detroit Outpost! It’s amazing!

The other day my friend invited me to go kayaking in Detroit with her.  I’m a huge fan of the city so of course, I said “yes” but I have to be honest, I was a little confused on the thought of kayaking in Detroit.  The currents of Detroit river made me nervous and I couldn’t vision where we would kayak. Thank God I am a “yes” girl because I had an experience that far surpassed my expectations of kayaking.

Before kayaking with Detroit Outpost, I had only been in a kayak once or twice. Sadly, I barely remember those experiences. But something about the energy, the beautiful waters, the guides, the company, and the far away feeling I had from the city…this tour will not be forgotten! It was hands down the best ever!

Are you looking for something different to do?  Or maybe you just want to get away for the day?  Detroit Outpost is the perfect staycation.  Missy, the owner, offers different tours.  You can choose to kayak during the early morning or pick a sunset adventure.  It is sure to be a fun time!

Where do you kayak?  We’d love to know about your experiences kayaking.  Best of all, have you kayaked with the Detroit Outpost?  If so, tell us all about it!

Danielle Andresen
Author: Danielle Andresen

Teacher by day, mom and wife both day and night, Danielle is the voice behind Suburbia Mom where she writes about her experiences in and around Detroit.