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Among Us Hide & Seek Best Settings, Rules, and Tips for Families

Among Us Hide & Seek tips, settings and rules for playing the game with your family. Hide and Seek version of Among Us.

Among Us Hide and Seek Settings

Among Us is a popular web-based game where members of a crew have to finish tasks before being eliminated by the Impostor. If you have ever played “Mafia,” this is like a computer-based version of the game. When the popularity of the game began rising a few months ago, our kids begged us to play. We needed to check it out first and taught ourselves how to play. In addition, there is a chat function and because our kids are 8 and 9, we did not want them to have access to it unsupervised. (There is an option to have the chat censored for inappropriate language, but chatting with players is a key component of the game.) Among Us is free to download on phones and tablets, however, it costs $5.00 to get on the Nintendo Switch.

If you have younger kids like us who want to play Among Us try the Hide and Seek version!

We play as a family and it is SO MUCH FUN. Hear me out…I used to be an Among Us purist, but Hide and Seek is where it’s at especially when playing with kids. Nobody has to lie or accuse someone. You literally just do your tasks or, if you’re the Imposter, kill off the crew. That’s it. It’s definitely a faster paced game without discussions and voting but worth it. To play the Hide and Seek version, make sure everyone knows the rules ahead of time. (This can be confusing if you open your game up to strangers, as it is not the normal way to play the game.)

The Rules

Crew: finish your tasks and don’t get killed. Don’t report bodies, don’t vote. If someone forgets and reports a body on accident, just skip the round and keep going. No emergency meetings either. Task and run, baby. Task and run. When you finish your tasks, avoid the imposter. Hide, run, repeat. If you get killed by the imposter, it is still important to complete all of your tasks. This is the only way the crewmates can win.

Imposter: vent in the cafeteria at the start so the crew knows who it is, then kill everyone before they have a chance to finish tasks. No sabotage allowed except for lights and communication. It is ok for the crew to know who the imposter is since the goal is just to finish your kills before the crew finishes their tasks.

Tips for Hide & Seek on Among Us

– Keep the room around 6-7 players total with only 1 imposter for a good balance.

– Make crew vision 5 and imposter vision as low as it can go (I think it’s .25). (The imposter will have a harder time but that’s the point.)

– If you’re the host make sure everyone is clear on the rules before starting otherwise it can be pretty frustrating for everyone.

– Try it in different maps!

Best Settings for Playing Hide & Seek

– Emergency meetings: 0

– Discussion: 60 (to remind everyone it’s a hide and seek game)

– Voting: 15 (just enough to skip)

– Visual tasks: off

– Set tasks for no more than 2 per category. We found our sweet spot to be 1 common, 1 long, and 2 short. –

-Anonymous voting and confirm ejects don’t matter as they won’t affect the outcome of the game as long as everyone plays correctly.

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Julie McKeeman
Author: Julie McKeeman

Julie is first and foremost a mom of two amazing kiddos, Elliott and Bennett. She is an elementary school librarian whose passion is to create safe spaces for all children.