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6 Fun Apps that Are Actually Educational


Raising kids in the digital age can have its advantages. Technology can enhance learning by making it interactive and fun, which means your children are more likely to grasp the lessons at hand. Although there are tons of awesome apps out there that claim to offer education and entertainment, there are just as many bad apps that don’t provide any educational value at all. That’s why I wanted to share this list of fun educational app for kids with you. While each of these apps are loads of fun, they also force your child to use their brain.

6 Fun Educational Apps for Kids


Your kids can practice their spelling while having a blast with this fun and challenging app. There are a variety of different modes, making it a great app for kids of all reading levels. The tower option is perfect for younger kids, while the rush mode is great for challenging more seasoned spellers. $1.99 at Amazon


Help your kids improve their problem-solving abilities, their understanding of basic physics concepts, and their logic skills with this fun puzzle game. Kids can roll the characters from one maze to another by swiping their finger on the screen. To make the silly characters traverse through the maze, the player must select various tools to overcome obstacles. $2.99 at Amazon

Stack the States

Have your kids test their state knowledge in this engaging game that combines trivia with strategy. When they answer a question correctly, they’ll receive a state to stack. The goal is to stack as many states as they can without tipping their stack over. $2.99 at Amazon

Bugs and Buttons 2

Whether your child needs to improve their letter recognition or listening skills, they’ll enjoy themselves as they learn while playing Bugs and Buttons 2. The game is packed full of entertaining mini-games that use adaptive learning technology that will keep your kids engaged and challenged every time they play. $2.99 at Amazon


This award-winning game makes learning algebra fun and simple enough for a five-year-old. To play, students drag and drop small cards into two trays on the screen in order to isolate a box (which is similar to solving for “x” in algebraic equations). The game starts with pictures and later transitions to the numbers and symbols that appear in traditional algebra. $5.99 on Amazon

Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar

Navigate through a variety of mazes using numbers to solve problems, all the while learning to code in this fun problem-solving game from Fischer Price. This game, for a younger audience, helps children learn planning and sequences, number recognition, and counting. Free on Amazon

Next time your in a battle over screen time, try one of these 6 fun educational apps for kids as a compromise. It’s a great way to supplement lesson plans, avoid the “summer slide” or even just get a little mom time.

Amber Louchart
Author: Amber Louchart

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