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5 Features to Look for In Your Teen’s First Car

When your child gets to the age when they are about to start driving, you have to decide what car they will use. As much as you want to get them something cool they will love, you also have to factor in how safe the vehicle is. Here are a few features that you should consider when choosing the first car for your teen.

A Reasonable Price

Your budget is significant when choosing a car. Most people consider a budget of about $10,000. New cars are costly, and since this is your teenager’s first car, you do not want to dent your pocket so much. Once you have a price range, you and your child have to narrow down the make and models you are interested in. Some models like the Mercedes Benz are very costly. In 2019, the brand value of the Mercedes Benz was estimated to be $23.36 billion. By this, you can tell how some models can be expensive, and unless you have the budget for it, you may have to find an alternative. It would help if you also shopped around with different car dealers to find the best deal for the car.

Size and Visibility

Size matters, but that does not mean you choose the biggest car you see in the market. You have to think of the needs of your child’s lifestyle. For example, if they are into sports and have to carry sports equipment often, then storage is essential. If they are helping take the younger siblings to school after getting the car, consider getting a big and comfortable car for all of them to fit. Before getting the vehicle, test drive it first to see if it has good sightlines. You will tell if one can see clearly through all the windows and if it is easy to find any blind spots. If your vision is blocked for some reason, you will have to find a different car for your child’s safety.

Safety Features

One of the key features that you should prioritize when finding a car for your teen involves safety. You may want to stay away from any vehicle with a sporty image, as it might tempt your teen to speed test the car’s performance. Note that your teen will be around other drivers on the road, and their safety should be your concern. It is estimated that by 2024, the revenue of a utility trailer, a truck, and an RV rental and leasing will amount to about $22.1 million in the United States. You can see how large vehicles will be sharing the road with your child with such significant numbers. You, therefore, want to minimize your child’s injuries in case of an accident by finding a car with the best safety features.


You need something dependable for your kid. Before purchasing that vehicle, check on a few things like the warranty, what it covers, and its length. Also, confirm with the car dealer whether the car has been damaged by water. Water damage reduces the lifespan of a vehicle. Another vital question to ask is about the mileage of the car. Cars with a high mileage usually do not last a long time. During negotiations, request for documents proving the car goes through maintenance regularly. The last thing you should check is whether the vehicle has been recalled for safety issues. If everything is in order, you can get the car.

Energy Efficient

You have to factor in how many gallons of gas the car will be consuming per mile. With energy use doubling after every 20 years in the United States, you may want to consider something that will not consume a lot of gas. It will eventually save you and your child on the cost of gas.

As you get your teen their first car, emphasize responsible driving. When most teenagers get a car, they usually like experimenting with crazy skills they have seen on TV, which can backfire. With the above features, you can be confident that you will be getting something safe for your child.

Kelsey R.
Author: Kelsey R.

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