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Young Moms in Detroit Can Follow These 3 Tips to Make Free Time More Fulfilling

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We live in connected times and we´re used to swiping, scrolling and clicking to get things done. Being able to prioritize and keep account of our professional and personal lives using apps has made us more productive within our work lives, but…what about our free time?

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Kee Mobile App Founder, Jenna Hage Hassan

It´s not easy having to make decisions when it comes to our leisure time, after making difficult decisions all day every day at work, taking care of our kids, and cooking the last thing we want is going through that process during our free time.

Oftentimes this generates a pattern of habit that keeps us in our comfort zone for way too long; depriving us of the activities we would actually enjoy the most.

Thankfully, we´ve put together 3 insider tips that you can apply to make your free time more fulfilling:
  • Leave it to the pros: with the help of the new Kee Mobile app-which is currently sweeping up thousands of users throughout the Detroit area- you will be able to identify and connect with other women in your neighborhood who share your same interests. With Kee app you can find nearby events that interest you and place them on to your integrated smart calendar. It’s as easy as pie.


  • Practice mindful meditation: make a habit out of taking some time to practice de-cluttering your mind through meditation. You can do it almost anywhere, at almost any time. If you find it difficult to let go of the thoughts that keep popping onto your mind screen, try using relaxing music and conscious breathing to help you relax. If you do this often enough you´ll start to feel the positive effects of enjoying more inner peace and clarity in your everyday life.
  • Spend more time with your loved ones: it’s not unusual for the pace of our everyday lives to get hectic. This also means sometimes we might neglect spending quality time with the people we care about the most. Try to make yourself available to your loved ones and take some time to enjoy each other´s company. Something so simple can definitely go a long way in boosting your overall mood and wellbeing.



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